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012908 =======================================
My Own Ezine              January 29, 2008,  Issue 88

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Tips For Your Online Success:

Benefit From A Partner’s Subscriber List

Sharing opt-in lists is a common way to joint venture with
other ezine publishers. However, you must set up the joint
venture in a way that does not violate the pledge of privacy
given to your subscribers. Here are three scenarios where
this type of exchange can benefit your business.

1- Suppose you have a product that's been promoted several
times to your ezine subscribers. The promotion is getting
stale and you need access to a new list of prospects. You
could simply advertise in some other ezine. But, a better
(and f.ree) way would be to ask another ezine publisher to
promote your product to his/her list and to take a portion
of each sale as compensation.

This doesn't mean that your partner must write the sales
letter and create the promotional content. That remains
your responsibility. Of course, your partner would have to
do the mailing to avoid breaking the privacy promises given
to his/her subscribers. Most publishers expressly tell their
subscribers that they will never sell or rent their email

2- This scenario is similar to the direct mail scenario where
one party is already mailing out flyers, statements, bills or
invoices. A second party asks the owner of the mailing to
insert a flyer into the mailing. In return, the owner of the
mailing receives a commission on any resulting business
without incurring any additional work or expense.

If your publishing partners regularly contact their email lists
with a promotion, you may be able to piggyback on their
promotion with a little promotion of your own. In lieu of
payment, you simply offer them the same o.pportunity
with your subscriber list or a share in the p.rofits.

3- In this last scenario, you and your publishing partner
cross promote each other. You promote your partner to
your list, and your partner promotes you to his/her list. It’s
an even exchange, and no one needs to track or pay out
money. There is one caveat, however.

Write your own promotion for your partner to use and vice
versa. This way each of you are solely responsible for your
own conversion rate. You are not at the mercy of your
partner's copywriting skills. Avoid putting an unnecessary
strain on the partnership by agreeing to create your own
copy subject to the approval of the partner who sends the

So, now you know three ways to benefit from a partner’s
subscriber list. Stay alert and you'll discover more ways to
share and prosper.

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