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011508 =======================================
My Own Ezine              January 15, 2008,  Issue 87

Welcome to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's newsletter about
creating your own ezine and marketing on the Web.

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Tips For Your Online Success:

To Archive or Not To Archive - Pros & Cons

Once your ezine's web site has been up and running for a
while, you will find that you are accumulating a large volume
of content from your regularly published ezine. How soon
this will occur depends on how often you publish your ezine.
Sooner or later, you must decide how you're going to handle
this treasure trove of information.

There are two basic ways to manage this content. You can
keep all of the content forever and have it all available to your
subscribers and web site visitors. Or, you can keep only the
new content active for a defined time period and then replace
it with content from the most recent issue of your ezine.

There are both pros and cons to archiving forever. So, you
will have to decide what ultimately works best for you.  


Leaving all of your ezine content online forever gives your
subscribers some comfort in knowing that they can access
any issue they may have missed in the email distribution.

A long history of ezine publishing, displayed on your site,
lends to the credibility and professional status of your ezine.

New subscribers may view the archived content as a bonus
for subscribing to future issues.

People advertising in your ezine like the idea that their a.ds
will also be posted online and posted indefinitely.


A downside risk to archiving your ezine content is that some
people will simply visit your archives and never subscribe to
your ezine. (a good reason for monetizing your archives)

Over time you will accumulate a large library of content
which can be re-used in many different ways. Some of
which are profitable! If you archive your ezine online forever,
you can not go through your past content and repackage
the good stuff for re-publication.

Archiving all your content may also preclude you from
re-publishing a previously popular item in the current issue
of your ezine as special "bonus" content.

If you still need to re-use the archived content, you really
should add new material, or provide some additional notes,
or other information that was not included in the original
archived content. This will make the subscribers who saw it
in the archives feel that the content is revised and special.

Your decision to archive or not to archive your ezine content
will also be influenced by dozens of outside factors. For
instance, you may be limited by the amount of available
storage space on your server. Once you have considered all
the factors affecting your decision to archive, you will see
that there is no one right answer. Ultimately you and the
uniqueness of your site will determine whether to archive
or not to archive.

Until now the practice at MyOwnEzine.com has been to
archive all back issues of "MOE". Storage considerations,
however, has prompted me decide on archiving only the two
prior years' issues. So, you will soon see years 2004 and
2005 disappearing from my archives at:

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