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My Own Ezine              January 1, 2008,  Issue 86
              ****** HAPPY NEW YEAR ******
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Tips For Your Online Success:

Make Your Ezine Motivate Your Readers
The written word is important to any business. Whether it's
on a web site, direct mail piece, or in a print publication, it
serves to inform readers and entice them to take action. So,
it is important to know how to use your words to motivate
your ezine readers, web site visitors, or viewers of your a.ds.
Emotion Is a Powerful Motivator
In order to get a response from your readers, it is important
to evoke emotions. People respond to emotions much more
quickly than they respond to cold, hard facts.
There's nothing wrong with presenting facts about your
business or its products or offerings, but it's important
to do so in moderation. Long, drawn out business and
technical monologues tend to bore readers, causing them
to leave your website or to toss your mailing in the trash.
It's much more effective to focus on what you can do for
the reader.
Use Action Words
Writing in a passive manner does nothing to get a reader
excited. In fact, it can be quite boring and monotonous.  
And, bored readers rarely become customers.
It's important to use action words throughout your copy. This
facilitates emphasizing the benefits of what you have to offer
rather than just listing humdrum details. Also, action-packed  
writing is also more memorable. If your readers should get
sidetracked, they are more likely to come back to it later.
What Do You Want Your Readers to Do?
Great copywriting has several important characteristics, and
one of the most critical is also the simplest. In order to be
effective, you must let your readers know what you want
them to do. The best way to do this is to simply tell them.   
Telling your readers what to do is known as a "call to action".
Phrases such as "Order n.ow" and "Sign up here" are good
examples. But, a call to action isn't complete unless you
make it clear how the reader can perform that action. That
means you need to include a link, phone number, or address
that they can use.
Set a Deadline
Deadlines are powerful motivators. Putting a time limit on
things creates a sense of urgency, because readers fear
missing out if they don't act quickly. If a customer is on the
fence about buying your product or signing up for your ezine,
a deadline can make all the difference. You might only accept  
signups for a limited time. Or, you could offer a discount if
the reader acts before a certain time.
Nearly everything we do has some sort of motivating factor.
So, if you want your readers to act, give them the motivation
to do so. When you write in a style that evokes emotion and
encourages action, you increase your chances of turning  
a reader into a customer or subscriber.
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