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My Own Ezine              January 24, 2006,  Issue 37

Welcome back to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's ezine
about publishing your own ezine and building your business
on the information super highway - The Internet!

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==> Feature Article:

In Part II of her article, "5 More Important Ezine Tips", Sonia
Colon emphasizes the importance of acting as a professional,
caring about your subscribers and providing an extra level
of customer service. These are elements common to any
business, but especially important for ezine publishers who
want to convey a "message". Read More at:

==> Recommended Resources:

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==> F*reebies:

Here's another special Subscriber's Gift from "MOE":
"The Absolute Beginner's Guide To Starting a Web Site"
by Milana Leshinsky. This f*ree e-book, while dated, still
presents a good basic approach to learning what is required
to start building a web site. It's great for newbies but anyone
can get something from it. Download from MOE:


For pages of f*ree downloads, check out PC World Magazine's
web site. You'll find a mix of downloads, trials, shareware and
demo software for a wide range of needs. It's worth your time.


Here's a f*ree online helper if you are into writing copy that
rhymes. Actually, the application isn't as limited as you may
think because it provides beginning rhymes, end rhymes,
double rhymes, first syllable and last syllable rhymes.

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For only $2, you can get started with Success University.
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==> Tips From Fellow Marketers:

=> Starting A Business
Leaving the safety and security of a regular job for the life of
an entrepreneur can be one of the scariest things a person
can do. But, Michael Katz did it; and he can give you ten
good reasons to let go of that no-where job and start your
own business at home. Read more in his article at:

=> Finding A Product
If promoting affiliate products is the quickest way to find products
to sell on the web, then selling your own ebook creation is the
most rewarding. In this first of a series of articles from Shelley
Lowery, you will learn the basics of creating your own
information product. Read more below:

=> Developing A Web Site
The idea of hosting your site for F*REE sounds great, but
Russ Mate says watch out for the downsides: a*ds from
competitors, little or no support, lots of downtime, limits
on files and storage and weak domain names. F*ree hosting
has its place, but not for your business. Read More:

=> Marketing Your Business
Publishing your own ezine should not be the only tool in your
marketing toolbox. Loren Beckart shows us that submitting
articles to ezines can be a cos*t fre*e, highly effective viral
marketing technique that multiplies your exposure and improves
your rankings with the search engines. Read more below:

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