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My Own Ezine                 January 11, 2005 Issue 11

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To "MOE" Readers:

Just a quick note to remind you that Mark Hendrick's
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There's never been a program that covers everything
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==> The MOE Mission

Welcome to My Own Ezine and thank you for subscribing.
This ezine, "MOE", will help you to start your own ezine
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the many aspects of ecommerce and internet marketing.
I value all my subscribers and welcome all opinions,
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In This Issue

==> Timely Topics
==> Recommended Resource
==> Freebies For You
==> EBusiness Resources
==> Guest Article: by Richard Grady
==> Free Ezines / Ebooks
==> Work The Web
==> Tips & Tricks for You, Your Home & Your Business
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==> Timely Topics

Welcome to the first issue of My Own Ezine for 2005.
I hope your new year began with joy and grows with love
and prosperity. If My Own Ezine can help you, please
do not  hesitate to contact me.

"Ignorance of the law is no excuse." How many times have
you heard this. Well, for those of us doing business online,
the old saying carries new significance. It seems the FTC
regulations have become stricter and enforcement more
severe. If you have a web site, be sure to have Terms of Use
and Privacy Policy statements on the site. And, be sure that
the Privacy Policy covers the Child Online Protection Act.
If you're selling products, you must have disclaimers. This
is the single most important issue with the FTC. For more
information on the Child Online Protection Act, go to:

If you need help meeting the FTC requirements, go to:

Our Recommended Resource from Priya Shah can help
you boost your e-biz with your own e-book.

In the Freebies section, learn how 10 friends could help
you obtain a $97 product for nothing!

Don't miss the E-zine Queen's teleseminar on e-Marketing.
Details in the e-Business Resource section.

Our Guest Article this week comes from Richard Grady:
"Email etiquette..."
If you are engaged in e-mail marketing or any online
business, you need to heed Mr. Grady's advice.

In the F*ree e-Books section, you can start the year right
by downloading a plethora of f*ree e-books.

Our Work-The-Web recommendation comes from the folks
at MegaWealthGenerator where they say you can earn up
to $20,000 per month using their tools.

And, don't forget to review the Tips & Tricks section.
This week you'll learn where to advertise in Yahoo for nothing
and get a link back to your product/web site!

==> Recommended Resource

There's one thing all internet gurus agree on. You need to
have your own e-book product to sell or just to give away.
And there probably has never been a better time to write an
e-book. Demand for online information is constantly growing.
More people are buying today than ever before. To help you
create your own e-book, Priya Shah has produced everything
you need to know about writing, creating, promoting and
selling your e-book in "The Genius Guide to eBook Publishing".

In all, you get 135 products related to eBook Publishing:
* 40 Products with Resale Rights
* 88 Products with Giveaway Rights
* 10 Superb Bonuses
* Easy eBook Creator with Resale Rights
* 3 F-R-E-E eBook Compilers (including a PDF compiler)
* A Database of over 250 eBook publishing resources
* 200 expert articles on eBook publishing

You can get everything you need.... from how to get ideas
and content to how to design, compile and publish at:

==> Freebies For You
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time the Registry fills with old and useless references. You
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==> eBusiness Resources

On Thursday, January 20, at 8:00 pm Eastern (NY) time,
Alexandria Brown, "The E-zine Queen", will be hosting a
special teleseminar called 'Your Own, Personal Marketing
Action Plan Designed to DOUBLE Your 1nc0me in 2005'
You will hear simple marketing strategies that work. And
they guarantee it! Can you make this year the one that blows
the roof off your business without professional help like this?
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If your writing skills are a little weak or if you just need a little
help with that copy, Meryl Evans offers her skills in writing,
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her references at:

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==> Guest Article:

Email etiquette...
Copyright 2004 Richard Grady

When dealing with people/businesses on the Internet, it
will benefit you to remember the following tips.  They are
all based on my own experiences but I am sure they apply
to every online business:

1.  When replying to emails, include a copy of any previous
emails, don't just send a new one.  I can receive 50 emails
a day that need a reply and I simply cannot remember every
single 'conversation' with every single person.

2.   If you have a problem/complaint, then of course, email
for assistance.  But be polite - don't start off with an
abusive email (you can send that later on if you don't get
the help you require!). 

3.  Simple words like 'please' and 'thank-you' take a
second to type and mean so much.  If you want someone to
give you free advice, then use these words - you are more
likely to get what you want.

4.  If someone takes the time to give you free advice, then
take the time to thank them.  I get emails everyday asking
for assistance on all manner of topics - selling on eBay,
buying from wholesalers, setting up a website etc.  I don't
get paid for giving my advice and it is amazing how many
people can't even be bothered to say 'thank-you' after I
have helped them.

5.  Allow 24 hours for a response to your email before
sending a second one chasing a reply.  Not every business
has 24 hour email support.  For example, I reply to most
emails within 2 hours but I do have to sleep and sometimes
I even turn my PC off for a few hours!

6.   Remember that the email system is not 100% reliable -
sometimes emails just don't make it to the recipient.  If
someone says 'I didn't receive your email', they may well
be telling the truth, so give them a second chance before
losing your cool.

7.   And finally, if your enquiry relates to a particular
product always include details of which product you are
referring to.  For example, I sell over 20 different digital
products from 7 websites but regularly get emails that
simply state 'I have paid for my eBook but didn't get it'.
Which eBook?  How did you pay?  What is your name?
When did you buy it?  What email address did you use
when you made the purchase?  C'mon, gimme a clue!

If you run a web business, I am sure the above points will
hit home.  If you don't run a web business, please bear
them in mind for when you are dealing with someone that
does :-)

About the Author:
Richard Grady has been helping ordinary people earn online
since 1998. He writes a free newsletter which is published
every two weeks. To subscribe (and claim your free gifts), visit

==> Free Ezines / Ebooks
This site was recommended by Bill L., subscriber to "MOE".
http://bizreport.tradepub.com/free/ep/ #
There are 28 categories of free trade publications. Just select
your industry or trade. I especially liked the selection in the
Internet category.
Start the New Year right with a plethora of freebies from 12
well known internet marketers. These freebies include some
of the best advice and resources you can get for your e-biz.
It will cost you about 10 minutes to sign up for their 12 ezines.
You can get the f*ree Guru Magic E-Book from Market My
Dot Com and 3 additional bonus e-books that will help you
build traffic and sales. Just sign up for their f*ree ezine at:
==> Work The Web
At MegaWealthGenerator.com you can learn how to make
money on the internet, find marketing e-books and review
online programs. With their tools, they say their programs
can help you earn up to $20,000 per month.

==> Tips & Tricks for You, Your Home & Your Business

Whether you are writing web copy to inform or to sell, you
should remember that effective copy is copy that emphasizes
benefits to the reader - NOT features of the product. People
are not interested in what your product does, but in what
your product does for them. Go to this site to see if your
web copy is focused on your customer or on your product:
When making your e-marketing plans, remember to check
out group sites like those on Yahoo. The site below allows
businesses to announce their free reports and e-books and
place a link back to their web sites. The group is free to join
and there's no charge to post your announcement. (Look for
the free e-book by Terri Seymour from www.myownezine.com )
Are you using splash pages on your web site? If you are,
you'll want to read the article at WebSiteOptimization. It
seems that splash pages hurt your search engine rankings,
reduce your traffic and hurt overall web site performance.
Email management is a necessary evil of doing business on
the web. To avoid data contamination in your saved emails,
you should regularly compress your email folders. Deleting
an email and then emptying the Delete folder is not enough.
When you move a message from its original folder to the
Delete folder, some of the message remains in the original
folder. To get rid of it, you must compress your folders.
Taxpayers now have the option of deducting state and local
sales taxes in lieu of state and local income taxes on their
IRS tax returns for 2004 and 2005 only. This change could
benefit people in states with high sales taxes and low income
taxes. It could also benefit buyers of large ticket items that
carry high sales taxes, like cars, boats, planes etc. FMI read:
and get IRS Publication 600, Optional State Sales Tax Tables
You probably have heard about the Old Farmers Almanac.
Whether or not you believe in its accuracy, the Old Farmers
Almanac web site is "nifty". When you go there, customize
it for your locality.
According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, dark
chocolate (the kind with at least 70% cocoa) may actually
be good for your health. See Laura Turner's commentary at:
College students are in constant need of financial help to
fund their education. This help is available at ParentPlusLoan.
Loans are available to parents of undergraduate students
based on credit history and require no collateral. Interest rates
are adjusted annually by the Dept. of Education.
Also consult the Official site of the Dept. of Education at:
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