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My Own Ezine              January 10, 2006,  Issue 36

Welcome back to "MOE" - MyOwnEzine.com's ezine
about publishing your own ezine and building your business
on the information super highway - The Internet!

You can read back issues of "MOE" online at:

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A Note From Stan:

Welcome to 2006 and to a few changes in the "MOE" format.
As a result of subscriber comments, the growing impact of
s*pam software , and a need to better integrate the "MOE"
ezine with the "MOE" web site, I have made the following
changes to "MOE's" format. I hope you approve.

==> The ezine format has been shortened by placing all the
articles on web pages. "MOE" will present a brief overview
of the information and a link to the article on MyOwnEzine.com.

==> In every issue you will be able to download a "freebie"  from:

==> And, the Tips & Tricks section has been reorganized
into the following areas of your concern: Starting a business,
Finding a product, Developing a web site and Marketing your
products. In this section you will also now find a mix of tips
and advice contributed by your fellow marketers.

Thank you for subscribing to "MOE" and I hope I can help
you make 2006 a prosperous New Year!

Stan Smith

==> Feature Article:

Marketers everywhere are discovering the value of ezines
in internet marketing. Sonia Colon knows. She uses an
ezine to promote her online specialty giftstore. In her article,
"5 Important Ezine Tips", Sonia cautions us not to forget
some of the structural basics of publishing any ezine.
Follow her lead and reap your own rewards!  Read more at:

==> Recommended Resources:

"You can sell anything on eBay." If you need help listing your
products, take a look at this service. The eBay certified group
of consultants have access to proprietay information from eBay
that can get you listed in 5-10 minutes. It may be all the help
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All of your online business education doesn't have to come
from e-books. Try AbebooksT. They claim to be "the world's
largest online marketplace for books". AbebooksT is a global
community of over 13,000 booksellers selling 70 million books.
In addition to new and used books, you can find rare and
out-of-print items and even used text books! Who knows,
you may find the raw material for your next e-book!

==> F*reebies:

Here's your Special Subscriber's Gift from "MOE":
"Confessions Of An Ezine Writer - Welcome To Paradise"
by John Colanzi. This f*ree e-book will introduce you the
world of Ezine Writing. In it you will learn how to "drive more
traffic to your website, make more sales, and acquire 100's
of links to your website".

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For only $2, you can get started with Success University.
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==> Tips From Fellow Marketers:

> Starting A Business
Before starting a home based business, Mal Keenan says
we should avoid five costly mistakes: overconfidence, believing
you don't need any money, failing to evaluate offers, neglecting
to make a business plan and failing to study your niche market.
Read the entire article at:

> Finding A Product
You want a business on the Web, but you don't know what to
sell. Rosalind Gardner suggests that you can do very well
selling other people's products via affiliate programs. This is
the easiest way to start out. Read the entire article at:

> Developing A Web Site
"Web copy that's intended to sell or generate leads needs to
quickly reach out and grab attention and build rapport with
a target audience. You can connect with your audience more
effectively if you understand something about how people
process information, and how they think." Read More at:

> Marketing Your Business
"Inexperienced marketers fail to realize that a sequential
auto-responder can be used for far more than just
gathering leads" says Keith Gloster. He offers 10 ways to
use auto-responders to "increase traffic, leads, visitor
feedback and sales". Read the entire article at:

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