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Do you say that to yourself when you're submitting your PLR or Ghost written articles to the directories? Or even better still, your articles is not exactly in the sense..."Unique" .

From the Desk of: Stan Smith


Dear Friend,

Do you know that an effective method of writing an article is not to write it've read that right, yes! You can pay someone to write on certain topics and claim yourself to be the author (There's no plagiarism since its consented). And another popular method nowadays is to buy PLR articles for a measly few cents each.

But here lies the problem...would you rather pay a fee for a single article or multiply every single (seed articles) to a hundred?

You see, for years I have looked into a way to maximize on existing content either for my clients or for my personal projects, but to date there's too much " near misses"...I mean take a look around and you will find lots of spinners...rewriters that claims to make your content unique...but nearly all of these "solutions" uses online thesaurus or other resources to spin their articles resulting in hundreds of unique


Even if you find this has worked as a guideline or mainly as doorway pages for the search spiders (which obviously, it doesn't), such garbles will most likely be rejected by editors....YOU stand to lose your credibility as an expert in your field by providing nonsense.

Though of course you can, "as the article spinners claim"even fire your find yourself going back to your pet writers to rewrite an article for the same price as writing a fresh one, because when it comes to putting real sentences together....(unless it's some sophisticated Millitary intelligence grade software) no software can do that... still need to re-write those articles word by word sentence by sentence and waste a whole good day doing so....unless...

You have The Article Multiplier by your side.

Imagine this, instead of writing/rewriting an article in 10mins (fastest land record for speed writing....I think), you can leverage on the same duration to have 100 unique variations of the seed article!

psst...btw.."Asking a freelance writer to have that done for you will easily cost you at least $5 for a one for one article re-write project!"

Through the unique algorithm, The Article Multiplier will ensure that no two articles are the same. Well.... now you can leave them breathless trying to catch with your "truly" original articles as yours will get indexed and instantaneously lifting you up to expert author status!

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