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If you are looking for a way to make money on the internet, there is probably no faster and no easier way than to join affiliate programs. When you join an affiliate program, you sell someone else's product and receive a commission. You simply refer people to a sales page on the product owner's web site. When a sale occurs, you make a commission. Some commissions can be as much as 50% to 60%.

Below you will find a selection of affiliate programs that you can join and then promote in your own ezine.

Have you seen the movie, "The Secret"?
Now, you can profit from the movie's message, the "Law of Attraction", by joining this free affiliate program. The product is pricey at $1,995; but, your commision is a hefty $500. Before you can register as an affiliate, however, you must order their free MP3 file.
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Be First To Hear About New Affiliate Opportunities
Mike Filsaime has opened a new web site to help members of his JV-Network announce new opportunities in Affiliate Programs and Joint Ventures. Join the JV-Network for free and be the first to hear about the special opportunities for members.
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Maximize Your Internet Profits!
Convert your web site Traffic into affiliate commissions by promoting a suite of popular marketing products from Implix. While many affiliate programs offer commission on only one product, Implix offers commissions on six popular internet tools!

Once you join the Kolimbo Open Network, you can sign up for any of the affiliate programs in the network with just one click. Plus, you can access any program you've joined at one central location.

Diane St James
TenderLenders (financialcircuit affiliate)

Get your own e-business from FinancialCircuit.com. Profit from the explosive growth in the online financial services industry. Be in charge of your e-business with FREE marketing and management tools. I made $600 from just having the link on my consulting website! It's that simple and it only takes a minute to sign up.

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