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" The Truth About Online Business "

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The Truth About Online Business
By Rami Doleh

Online Business is not a difficult thing to do, and really anybody can do it, but if you don't know how, then regardless of the nature of the business, it will be hard for you to achieve your goals even if you have the magical product or service. I am sure that many try to answer the "how" question by bombarding you with many e-mail messages telling you all different sorts of ways to market or advertise online, and each way is said to be the best way that can generate traffic, sales, exposure …etc.

But talking about "how" to promote or market your online business means that we are jumping too many steps ahead. Before the "how," there is a "what" that we need to answer. You need to assess yourself first and not the idea or opportunity. So before venturing into the ins and outs of internet marketing, you should first venture into knowing "what" are your own beliefs and expectations.

If you are interested and serious about establishing a home based business and to enable you to proceed on solid grounds we need to erase some false perceptions and agree about few others regarding the nature of home based business or online business. The points that we need to clear out are as follows:

1- There is no such thing called a get rich quick program. The concept simply does not exist. When you read "Start earning now," it really means that you can start your business now, but the money will not come in "NOW."

2- There is no program that will give us $5000 a month within six months of starting the business. Some people might be able to achieve that, but that is not a general rule that we can depend on.

3- There is no business that does not require effort. At least in the building stage. There is a lot to learn, read and research.

4- There is no business that does not require time. You should be prepared to spare at least 2-3 hours a day for your business, and with these 2-3 hours don't expect miracles. This means that you are really taking your time and the business will see results any time soon. Still you will need to know that with this amount of time you will be establishing yourself as an internet marketer but at a slow pace.

5- There is no business that does not require money. Seriously speaking, online business and home based business in general is by nature a low investment industry. Still low investment does not mean for free. You will need to budget $300 - $500 a month to be able to work in this industry, and do not believe anybody who tells you otherwise.

The initial investment might be $100 or even less, but what about all the marketing activities and the advertising that you will need to do. This requires money, and only if you were able to budget for the above amounts you will be able to get your business off the ground.

Even if you are not going to use paid advertising and you will only use free methods – which are very effective by the way – you will need to buy software programs that will enable you to use your limited 2-3 hours efficiently and effectively.

6- You will need to expect to spend the above amounts for several months before expecting any kind of revenue. Don't forget that you will have to walk through the learning curve first before any revenue is expected let alone profit.

My genuine advice to you would be not to enter into any online business idea or venture if you are not able to meet the above requirements and beliefs.

About the Author:
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