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" Size Matters with a Home Based Business "

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Size Matters with a Home Based Business
By David Riewe

When companies look for outsourcing help, they often look to home based businesses. And although the term ‘home based’ can imply one person working from a house, it can take on a different, larger dimension. And that’s what many companies look for: a larger sized business operation.

What does that mean? In a word, reliability. For example, can you be counted on regularly? Or will there be times when you take on too much work or not enough, need to adjust accordingly – and then… what will happen to their projects?

Well now you can get a grip on your company size and handle workloads large and small. Here are ways that you can increase your home based operations without physically crowding yourself out of workspace or blowing your budget for future project handling opportunities.

Joint Venture – Team up with a partner, company or other entity and help each other. Combine a product with a service – something or yours with something of theirs. Then farm out work as necessary.

Interns / Students – Contact colleges, universities, high schools and other education centers in your area and ask about intern and student opportunities. Many places allow you to participate in their programs; fill out their forms, post flyers, actively recruit, etc. Keep some help on hand and put them to work.

Subcontract – Check with your local Chamber of Commerce, surf the Internet, post for help on forums, etc. Find companies for farming out some of your work and keep their information handy. Give them a try when you’re not too busy, so that when you ARE, you’ll know they are a good fit for your clients and you.

Helpers - Hire part time help. Place an inexpensive classified ad in the local newspaper and search for hourly help. Call the places that leave flyers on or around your mailbox or front porch and have them distribute ‘Help Wanted’ flyers in your neighborhood for you. Call your church, fitness center and / or other organizations with which you participate and have them post a notice on the bulletin board. Get help and keep a list handy of those seeking extra income.

Profit Center – Seek help from others experienced in your chosen field of interest and set up a profit center or two to generate additional opportunities. Many can be automated today so that they are pretty much hands-on. They all you have to do is market. This way, when times get lean, you can increase your marketing efforts. And when times are too busy, you can ease up.

As the Boy Scouts say, Be Prepared! Don’t let your lack of preparation be an excuse for being too small and unreliable.

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