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" Available Mentoring Programs "

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Available Mentoring Programs
By Gary Muller

There are several different types of mentoring programs available
on the market today. It seems that every self-proclaimed net
marketing guru has created a mentoring program that they are
willing to share if you are willing to pay their prices. The trick is
reading through all of the hype in their advertising to find the
mentor and program that will best suit your specific needs.

There are many different types of programs available. The
program that will work best for you may be one of these or
a combination of these or it simply may be the program that
best fits your current budget. Some assistance is generally
better than no assistance and the chances are that as you
grow your business in baby steps, you will be better able to
afford the more complete services in time.

First of all, there is the full service mentoring programs. Such
programs can be found online offering monthly mentoring,
online communities (where you can communicate not only with
mentors, but other people participating in the program as well),
audio courses, software to help you grow your business, the
occasional motivational (get off your rear end) messages, and one
on one support to help you discover where you want your business
to go and the best path for you to use to get there. These generally
require a heavier price tag and are more time intensive. They do
however; offer the best potential bang for your buck.

The second type of mentoring service I would recommend is
probably best for those who simply can't afford a full
service-mentoring program (though I would seriously check them
out before deciding as some are surprisingly affordable). This
program involves simple one on one session with a mentor or
coach'. In these sessions you will discuss with your mentor where
you want your business to go and brainstorm a method that you
can employ that will take your business there. This is often a more
affordable option but you don't get the bells and whistles you would
with a full service program. It's a good start though and you can
work up to the full service programs in time as your business grows.

The third and final type I will mention are online 'courses' that
mentors often offer. These are probably best for those of us who
are so busy that we know we won't be able to take full advantage
of the features offered through a full service mentoring program and
yet are more of the 'do it yourself' type who work best by reading
and doing rather than discussing. For you, the courses will be
succinct, to the point, and give you a good nudge toward growing
your business, without addressing your specific needs. If you are
good at reading between the lines and incorporating knowledge for
different situations this may be a great program for you. Good luck
finding the perfect mentoring program for you and your business.

About the Author:
Get An inside look at how the mentoring process can quickly
improve your online income. Are you ready to become a
Success Voyeur?

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