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" Why do so many Internet business's fail? "

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Why do so many Internet business's fail?
By Jane Harper, Webmaster

There is an increasing number of people across the world that are seeking to start an online business. They are drawn by the amazing benefits that such a career offers. Unlimited earnings, working from home, semi autopilot business that gives sooooooooo much free time. Do you blame them?

Millions of dollars are spent every year on books that offer advice on every angle of internet business that you could imagine. With so many books being sold, you would think that many successful businesses would appear. This is not the case. Why?

Ok, so they spend their hard earned cash on a book or package that is going to change their lives. They then have the opportunity to do as the manuals instructs and get rich. The problem is they don't do anything, no action. The information just sits there. They should take the opportunity and ACT on it. Only then will they get results.

Sometimes they will make a big effort and begin the process of building their business. Soon they think "Heck, this is just too hard" and give up. They were looking for a 'quick fix' get rich quick scheme that requires no work and earns them a fortune. Such a system certainly does not exist. I'm not saying that a profit can't be earned from a 'quick fix' system, but it would not be a huge profit. If you want to earn $100,000 a year, it takes a little more work.

Why is it that people buy these products and don't use them? They want the results right? Yes, but there is usually something missing from the 'success factor' that is needed to be 'one of the big boys' in internet marketing. So what's missing? Support. Not just technical support or general advice. Guidance of a different nature is called for. Guidance in 'how to think'.

That's right, how to think. You may well be saying "I don't need to be coached on how to think". Well, the truth is you probably do. If you where already able to think like 'one of the big boys', you'd be mega wealthy already. You need to be able to react and 'think' like they do. It isn't difficult and the results are fantabulous.

This is where 99.99% of people starting an internet business go wrong. They don't think effectively. The right book/package/system combined with the best support is the ONLY way to get to the top. Struggling on your own, without learning the other side of the 'how to', will almost always end in failure.

So if you are thinking of running an online business, be mindful when you begin and get ALL the elements that you will need for success. Then you need to act. But that's a whole other article.

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Here's to YOUR internet success,

Jane Harper, Webmaster
Contact me webmaster@successcreatesmoney.com
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About the Author:
Jane Harper is the Webmaster at Success Creates Money. She has written many articles with reprint rights. You can see them at the articles page:

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Best wishes for your online success!

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