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" 6 Professional Businesses You Can Start from Home "

In his article, "6 Professional Businesses You Can Start from Home", Leigh Butler lists 6 not-so-new businesses that have been a staple of the home based business industry. Take a look at the list and see if it stirs some of your own creative juices.

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6 Professional Businesses You Can Start from Home
c)Copyright 2005 by Leigh Butler

1. Consultant
Being a consultant requires you to have specialized knowledge
and experience in a particular area. This knowledge and experience
must be in demand. Some Consultants charge by the project or by
the hour, $50 to $300 per hour. Other Consultants charge by retainer.

2. Web-Site Designer
Web-Site Designers create web sites for clients.  As a
Website-Designer you must decide if you want to just design the
website for the client or design the website and maintain it for the
client. Web-Site Designers generally charge by the project or by the
hour, $30 to $120 per hour. Retainers or lump sums are usually
charged for ongoing and large projects.

3. Speaker (Workshops/Seminars)
Speakers travel around the country or abroad if necessary presenting
information of interest to clients/customers. Whatever the topic,
clients/customers must be willing to pay to learn the information.
Charges and compensation will differ greatly depending upon meeting
space rental fees, the length of your workshop/seminar, your
clients/customers (corporate vs. individuals), etc.

4. Tax Accountant (Tax Service)
You can open your own tax service without being a Certified Public
Accountant (CPA). Tax services such as H & R Block and Jackson
Hewitt offer tax classes in anticipation of hiring some of their students
during tax season. These classes along with other regular tax classes
should provide you with a good foundation in tax regulations and
give you the knowledge necessary to open a tax service.

Tax Accountants usually charge by the hour, $40 to $120.  
Accountants who specialize in particular tax areas get paid
more. Set rates are sometimes charged for repeat customers.

5. Grant Writer
To become a successful Grant Writer takes great skill. This skill
is developed over time. Most people develop the ability to grant
write by working for a nonprofit organization. However, there are
many seminars and workshops that can teach you how to write
successful grants. One of the more renown is presented by
The Grantsmanship Center, http://www.tgci.com.

Once you begin to deliver proposals that win grants you will
become in demand with nonprofit organizations that are always
looking for successful Grant Writers. The majority of your clients
will be nonprofit organizations.

Charges and compensation differs greatly and are dependent on
the project. Normally, Grant Writers get paid $40-$70 per hour
For larger projects a set fee can be charged based on an estimation
of how much time it will take to complete the project. Sometimes
Grant Writers are paid on commission. They are paid a percentage
of the grant if they win it.

6. Freelance Writer
Freelance Writers write articles for magazines, newspapers,
newsletters, websites, etc. In order to become a Freelance Writer
you have to be able to produce publishable work and sell it
consistently to periodicals.  

Compensation varies depending on the project. Most periodicals
pay preset rates for freelance submissions. Freelancers may also
be paid by the hour for projects.

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