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" How To Instantly Sell 65% More Of Your Products Or Services "

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How To Instantly Sell 65% More Of Your Products Or Services
By Kenny Love

Adding language translation software to your website can instantly
increase sales of your products and services worldwide.

Even though language translation software has been available
for several years now, few website owners are using it.

This is, I suspect, largely because website owners have not
been consistently educated on the tremendous benefits of this
particularly vital tool as well as its idea not having been widely
promoted or publicized.  As such, it is possibly considered
more of a website embellishment than a business necessity.

This is ironic because, even though the Internet/World Wide
Web literally presents us to the world via our websites, most
of us simply (and perhaps, naturally) present our site
information in our geographically limited and comfortable
native languages.

Yet, in limiting our sites to our native languages, we are
significantly decreasing our opportunities to not only show our
interest in other cultures and their respective languages, but
we are also eliminating our chances to create lifetime foreign
customers, clients and their respective sales, as well as
limiting our opportunities for true international business growth
while establishing international business relationships.

To support my idea on why language translation software is a
vital tool for any website owner, regardless of the nature of the
site's business or the products or services that it distributes,
as an example, while a good portion of the world speaks the
language of English to some degree, other "first language"
persons would, obviously, prefer and feel more comfortable
with being able to review any website's content in their own
native language.

If you are a natural English speaking individual, simply
consider how you feel when you access a website that is in
a language other than English, and a language that you do not
understand.  Comprehension can be a struggle, at best, and
you are very likely to simply exit the site without further review.

However, in this particular instance, this situation does not
only apply to English website owners, but from my experience
of reviewing websites in other languages, it equally applies to
non English sites as well.

However and again, it does appear that cultures outside of
English markets tend to make more of an effort to reach out
to English speaking markets by presenting their websites in,
at least, the English language as an alternative.

Statistics reveal that by not having language translation
software installed on websites, regardless of the sites' native
language or how well the site produces financially, website
owners may be losing as much as 65% in sales of their
products or services that they could otherwise be enjoying
if their site presented itself in multiple languages.

This is because these particular foreign markets are not even
aware of the sites since the single language sites do not make
a proactive effort to promote and publicize themselves to
foreign language individuals. This is a great disservice to both
the website owner as well as to the prospective website visitor.

By default, it is safe to assume that a respectable number of
potential foreign language customers and clients searching
online "accidentally" discover any given site, yet, will pass on
reviewing the site if it is not in their native language. However,
consider the greater chances of attracting those same foreign
individuals as sales prospects or lifetime customers if only the
site were available in their native languages.

In this age of competition and niche market specialization, any
website owner can utilize all of the assistance and information
available to not only maintain their site's sales, but to continually
increase sales as well.

Now, regardless of what you currently earn from your website
annually, imagine what the financial impact of a 65% increase
in online customers or clients, a number of whom are likely to
translate into online buyers, could do for your annual income
compared to previous years.

Also, consider how beneficial your having already established
a relationship with your foreign customers or clients via having
their native language available on your site can tremendously
benefit you should you attend business conventions or other
business related functions in their countries.

At the very least, you will have an immediate advantage over
your competition that has not taken the time to consider the
greatly added value of installing language translation software
on their websites and how it can benefit them dramatically.

About the Author:
Kenny Love is president of MuBiz.com, a firm
specializing in promotion and publicity for the entertainment
industry as well as representing unique products and services.
To learn more information regarding language translation
software and how it can immediately benefit your website,
visit MuBiz.com at http://www.MuBiz.com/MultiSpeak.html

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Best wishes for your online success!

Stan Smith

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