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" Ripple Marketing "

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Ripple Marketing
By Luella May

I always hated the term Viral Marketing. Although a very descriptive
term, it gives me visions of someone in bed, ice pack on head,
thermometer in mouth, red nose. Why a red nose? Don't know,
that's my vision.

Ripple Marketing. Ah! Much better. My vision there is of a young
lad wearing overalls and a straw hat. He carries a homemade fishing
pole over his shoulder with one hand and with the other he carries
his prized worms. It is a beautiful sunny day in spring and he is
whistling a happy tune. He picks up a pebble, throws it in the pond
and, mesmerized, he watches the ripples as they grow wider and
wider, as if expanding throughout the universe. Yes, this is Ripple

Our world has changed so very much in just the past ten years and
continues to do so at a rapid pace. The way we do business has
changed. Faced with the uncertainty of life itself, people yearn
for those elusive commodities of long ago, Friendship and Trust.

Selling your wares at face value has become a thing of the past.
Now, you must prove yourself. You must show yourself to be
trustworthy. Another term that I hear a lot is relationship marketing,
but being the incurable romantic that I am, I will choose to call it
Ripple Marketing.

It seems that with the turn of the century, life itself took on a new
meaning. I now see people yearning for security and comfort, and
this comes through in everything they do, including in the way they
choose things. This means that, not only must your product be
worthy of their choice, but you must build a relationship and earn
your customer's trust.

Although this may tend to put marketing in a different, more
complicated light, in reality, what it does is enhance your own
life. People are now wiser, or maybe I should say that they are
more sensitive to the real person, the real you. There are so many
areas of their lives that cannot be controlled, that they are very
particular about those very personal areas that can be protected,
and when you market to someone you are entering one of those
most intimate areas.

Ripple marketing is also a growing experience for the marketer, as
the novice will learn that to market their services, to market their
wares, they will need to build relationships, they will need to be
trustworthy. Those who go into this business merely with the dream
of getting rich quick, of making money while they sleep, will find
that they will fail.

The novice will have quite a bit of learning to do and they may
stumble a few times, having to get up and dust themselves off in
order to continue. However, once the foundation for that relationship
is set in place and as the relationship grows, business will flourish.

For the marketer to become successful, a sturdy foundation must
first be built. Flow with the growth of your business, don't be in a
hurry. And by all means, do not get discouraged. Make perseverance
and determination your two best friends. You will find that, before you know it, your business will be flourishing. But once your business
is successful, and you are busy going through your daily routine,
you will realize that your customers and colleagues will be nothing
less than one big caring and happy family. They will be a family that
continually grows like ripples expanding through the universe.

©Luella May 2006

About the Author:
Luella May is currently the co-founder and editor of
"The Corner 4Women.com" http://thecorner4women.com
and writes exclusively for her blog http://thecorner4women.blogspot.com
and Luella's Corner

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