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" Five Ways A Blog Helps You To Market Your Business "

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Five Ways A Blog Helps You To Market Your Business
(c) Michael Murray - All Rights Reserved

Want to advertise online without spending a fortune? Get a blog.
If you're an Internet marketer, you need a blog, because:
* a blog helps your site to rank higher in the search engines; and
* a blog expands your customer base.
Blogs are often called social marketing tools, because they let you
interact with your readers via comments and permalinks
(see the glossary below.)
What's a blog? Get up to speed here:
Let's look at five ways a blog helps you to market your business.
One: A blog helps your site to rank higher in the search engines.
In 2003, when Google bought Pyra Labs, the company which
developed Blogger, the reaction was Huh? At the time, blogs
were seen by most as online journals, primarily maintained
by the demented and teenage girls.
How times change. In 2005, companies small and large are
using blogs to promote their businesses. This is because
Google and the other search engines love blogs because of
their constantly updated content.
Blog often, and you'll get more visitors and a good search
engine ranking.
Two: A blog expands your customer base – you'll reach
people you could reach in no other way.
A blog helps you to reach people you can reach in no other
way because your frequent updates mean that you'll
automatically get niche visitors – those people who have no
clue about you or the product that you're selling, but who
happened to type in a search engine query that mentioned
words you used in a single post.
Those niche visitors can become buyers, and this means
that you don’t need to struggle to get top listings in any
search engine. Write (or link to) quality content, and your
visitors will find you.
Three: A blog helps your site to differentiate itself.
A blog is a form of stealth marketing. Therefore a blog
doesn’t need to be about the products you're selling. A
blog can be about any topic that you're passionate about.
Blog about your passion, and mention – in passing – the
products you're selling. You can also link to them, but
don’t bother selling heavily – that's not what a blog is about.
Four: Like a diamond, a blog is forever.
Although the most-visited blogs update often, some of them
several times a day, that doesn’t mean that you have (to) post
more often than you can fit into your schedule. Your permalinks
(see below) mean that since your blog items are standalone
pages, they’re indexed by search engines in the same way that
any HTML or other page is indexed – your blog items/ pages
will continue to bring traffic even if you don’t update very often.
Five: A blog attracts new opportunities
A blog makes your business visible. Your stealth marketing
efforts will attract the attention of people who may become
joint venture partners, or who will have other opportunities for you.
The time and energy that you invest in your blog can bring
results beyond your wildest expectations. Create a blog –
it's your hardest-working, and most cost-effective online
marketing option.
Blog = Web log.
Permalink = permanent link, an URL for a single blog post.
Comment = blogs have a comments section, where readers can
interact with the blogger and others.

About the Author:
Michael Murray is a 23-year old full-time Internet marketer with
Cerebral Palsy who lives in sunny Orlando Florida.
Finally! A Quick and Easy Way For YOU to Learn the Secrets
of Niche Advertising. These secrets will revolutionize your online
business plan by guiding highly targeted buyers to your site.

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Best wishes for your online success!

Stan Smith

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