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" How to use Auto-Responders to Boost Web Sales "

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How to use Auto-Responders to Boost Web Sales
By Loren Beckart

A web site with products but no traffic is a liability. It
costs time and money to set up and maintain a site. Then,
it takes more effort and usually more money to generate
traffic. Which leads to the key question that a profitable
web site must answer: Once you get traffic to come to your
web site, how can you maximize the value of their visit? A
very important answer is to use an auto-responder.

A brief definition of an auto-responder: by email, an auto-
responder sends an immediate reply when a person buys
something online, sends to a specified email address, or
fills out a website form. The content of the auto-response
message could be information, an electronic receipt, an e-
course, and so forth. When people go online, they are often
searching for information, and auto-responders gratify them
with instant delivery of material they've requested.

What makes auto-responders a tremendous marketing tool
is that when a prospect requests information and gives their
email address so that your auto-responder can send it,
you've been given permission to follow up with them.

How does an auto-responder make it possible to effectively
follow up with visitors? With an opt-in and a series of
email messages that are set up properly, an auto-responder
will automatically communicate with the prospect from
initial response throughout the email series you've
created. Your messages are pre-written and pre-programmed.
They are sent at intervals you've decided to use. In
effect, the auto-responder becomes your constantly working
sales force, tireless and limitless after you've set up the
sequence one time.

What kind of information should be included in a series or
e-course by auto-responder? Every series that you set up
would contain messages directly related to the initial
inquiry for information the visitor made. For example,
someone visits a fitness site that sells exercise
equipment. The visitor fills out a form requesting the
fr~ee special report that describes ten effective stretches
that together address all muscle groups and help prevent
injury. The form is tied to an auto-responder which
immediately sends the requested information. In addition,
the visitor learned at the site that over the next several
days or weeks further fitness tips and inspirations would
be delivered in a series.

How does the e-course or auto-responder series boost
sales? Email is a critical element of online marketing, and
one email message is simply not enough. Standard marketing
wisdom is that most people must have something put before
them seven times before taking action. Seven times! Now,
that isn't true of everyone; there are impulse buyers.
Still, the majority of buyers online and offline need
repetition before they really absorb a new advertising
message and then act on it. If you don't have a system for
follow-up 4 to 7 times in a way that is timely and
consistent, you are losing money.

What is a recommended balance in the auto-responder series
between information and marketing? Generally, when visitors
give their email address, they want to receive targeted
information, and maybe to receive notices about special
promotions. Just keep in mind that they aren't interested
in your objectives, but only in what is in it for them. So,
give them what they want - useful and accurate information.
A ratio of about 75% information and 25% marketing will
keep people opening the emails in your auto-responder

About the Author:
Loren Beckart is Marketing VP for ClickTracs Advertising
, specializing in highly targeted web traffic.
Find additional marketing resources and articles at:

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