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" How To Write An Order-Pulling Sales Letter "

In this week's article on Marketing Your Products, Steve Johns says, "persuading the potential buyer to take action is a lot more difficult for the online marketer than for a brick and mortar store seller." So, as an online marketer, how do you overcome the difficulty and motivate the buyer? Learn how below:

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How To Write An Order-Pulling Sales Letter
by Steve Johns

Have you ever wondered how to write sales copy that motivates
people to take out their card and make a purchase? This week's
article will give you an insight into what it takes to write an
order-pulling sales letter.

Try to win a customer with a description of the product alone, and
the only thing you can look forward to is lousy sales.

The painful fact is this: products don't sell themselves. They need
to meet the emotional needs that the prospective buyer is looking
for... before purchasing your product. Potential buyer's want to
feel secure that your product is the lowest risk, best choice,
decision they can make.

Persuading the potential buyer to take action is a lot more difficult
for the online marketer than for a brick and mortar store seller. It
seems that the anonymity involved in online transactions make
people more hesitant about parting with their hard earned money
than if talking to a seller face to face.

So, what is an online marketer to do?

It's no secret that a web site must have powerfully persuasive sales
copy in order to be effective in this day and age. Sales copy is what
ultimately determines whether a web site is a winne'r or loser. The
power of writing persuasive sales copy should not be undervalued.
Persuasive sales copy will convert a casual visitor into a motivated
buyer. After all, sales copy is what the visitor reads to get more
information about the product.

The very nature of sales copy is quite sensitive. One word can win
or lose a client. This is why many online marketers pay hundreds,
if not thousands, of dollars for a killer sales letter. Most of the time,
they hire a ghostwriter to the job for them. The problem here is that
a ghostwriter can only know so much about the benefits product, as
a result, the copy is usually not as effective as it could or should be.

But guess what?

YOU can write your own sales copy!  Yes!  You can!  

Below is a step-by-step process, a formula if you will, on how to
churn out those highly effective sale letters that will increase your
conversion rate.

STEP 1: Write an attention grabbing HEADLINE. Please keep in
mind that a headline is composed of three parts:

A Pre-Headline that sets up the main headline.

Your main headline that should be in the biggest font size you'll
use in the entire copy. Preferably, it should be in a different color
and in bold.

A Post-Headline that will tie in with your main headline.  

Now that we've covered those aspects of Writing Sales Copy, let's
turn to some of the other factors that need to be considered.

Here is an illustration of a headline using this method:

(Pre-Headline) Do you want to gain substantial earnings even
while you're sleeping?


(Post Headline) Receive And Ship Orders Without Having To Log
On To Your Website!

STEP 2: Write an INTRODUCTION that your readers can relate to.
You could do this by sharing a problem that should be familiar
with them.

STEP 3: Tell them who you are and share a list of your relevant
accomplishments. This will help establish your IDENTITY and
your CREDIBILITY. Many of your potential customers are wary
about doing business online with someone they don't know or
trust. By doing away with the unwanted anonymity and by
assuring them of your reliability, you'll be able to make their
fears go away.

STEP 4: Present your PRODUCT. Yup! You have to do it here
instead of earlier. The reason is that most people generally hate
sales pitches. If your headline is about the product itself, they
will usually just move on to another site.

STEP 5: Assure your readers that the PRODUCT IS EFFECTIVE.
This can be done in two ways:

- Offer confirmable statistics that will support your product

- Give testimonials From people who have actually used
your product.

make sure that this part is not riddled with technical jargons.
Explain your product's details in a colloquial way that anyone
would be able to understand.

STEP 7: Tell your reader the reasons why your PRODUCT WILL
BE BENEFICIAL to them. This step is crucial, as it is the point
where you could transform the potential client's interest into a
perceived need.

STEP 8: For that killer blow that would make them feel that yours
is the best deal in the planet, bundle your product with BONUSES,
and inform your readers of the corresponding VALUE for each freebie.

Remember that it is your sales copy is the most important
component that converts a visitor into an excited customer.
By following the steps we have outlined above, there is no
doubt that your conversion rate will dramatically increase!

That's all for this week!


About the Author:
Steve Johns, author, speaker and marketing consultant earns
thousands in online every month! Steve is the editor and
publisher of More Online Profit News, a weekly newsletter that
focuses on helping online marketers grow their Internet business.
For more information go to

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Best wishes for your online success!

Stan Smith

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