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" How to Promote Your Business Using Ezine Articles "

Publishing your own ezine should not be the only tool in your marketing toolbox. Loren Beckart shows us that submitting articles to ezines can be a cost free, highly effective viral marketing technique that multiplies your exposure and improves your rankings with the search engines. Read more below:

This article may be reprinted in your ezine or on your site in its entirety so long as the author's credits and all links remain intact.

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How to Promote Your Business Using Ezine Articles
By Loren Beckart

You're missing out on an easy way to promote your business
if you aren't already submitting articles to ezines. It won't cost
you any money, and yet it's an highly effective strategy for
increasing your profits.

Consider the following benefits of having articles that
you've written published on-line.

Exposure of Resource Boxes: It's free advertising.
Publishers request that some information about the author
is included with article submissions. Often called a
resource box, this is a short paragraph that can include a
description that helps you brand your business, web site,
and yourself. The resource box should include at least your
name and business name and your web site address. If
space permits, also include credentials, email, tag line,
and so forth. The resource box is where you do your
advertising - not in the article itself.

In-bound Linking: Because of the resource box, each time
your article is published you should get a link back to
your website. Each inbound link to your site benefits your
site's search engine ranking.

Building Credibility: Published articles help establish
your expertise. You develop a position of authority in your
field and recognition with respect to the topics you cover
in your writing. It is easier to gain a prospective client's
trust when you have the credibility of being a published author.
Prospects who trust you are more likely to make a purchase.

Receptive Audience: The people receiving the ezines that
contain your articles have subscribed because they are
interested in that particular ezine's topics. Thus, your
article and business information are being delivered to
people who have voluntarily pre-selected themselves to
receive the sort of information about which you write.
Compound this benefit by submitting each of your articles
to several ezines.

Exposure: It goes beyond the initial publication date. In
addition to sending the ezine to their subscription list,
many publishers also place articles from the current issue
on the home page. Later, they place the articles in an
archive that visitors are encouraged to visit in deciding
whether to subscribe.

Leverage: You have content that you can leverage when you
write articles. That is to say, whatever you write can be
used for multiple purposes. For example, develop an article
into a seminar presentation, and expand the material to make
an ebook. At the very least, publish the article on your own
web site. Search engines look favorably on new content.

Viral Marketing: Submit articles to sites and publishers that
have a free content directory allowing visitors to republish
articles intact. This multiplies exposure. Also, allow ezine
publishers to include your articles in their free ebooks,
provided that your resource box is included. Again, since
these are being given away, your ad exposure multiplies.

If these benefits of being published online fit your situation,
the time has come to get started. Simply go to a search
engine and type in a phrase: ezine publishers. You could
get more specific results by including the word free,
and identify the topics about which you'll write.

Now, you found some publishers and know there is an
audience for your topics, you're ready to write an article.
Get some momentum and a sense of direction by looking at
the publisher's requirements and reading some of the articles
in the archives. Once you've drafted and revised, be sure to
proofread your finished article. After all, your objective is to
establish credibility and to brand your business.
A well-composed and polished piece of writing
will go far toward accomplishing a favorable result.

After you've published your first article, you'll want to do it
again. Continue to spread the word all over the internet
about you and your business.

About the Author:
Loren Beckart is Marketing VP for ClickTracs Advertising
, specializing in highly targeted web traffic.
Find additional marketing resources and articles at:

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Best wishes for your online success!

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