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" Part 9 – More Monetizing Options "

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Part 9 – More Monetizing Options
By Art Breshears

We've discussed about using Google Adsense program and other
merchants' affiliate programs to generate profits from your blog.
However, we have a lot of other options to monetize your blog, so
we're going to look into that today.

The first option we'll be looking at is Chitika (www.chitika.com ).
Chitika is a very innovative contextual advertising program because
it can serve very detailed advertisements. For example, on your
technological gadget blog, Chitika will show advertisements for tech
gadgets such as iPods. The way they show it is in different tabs:
one for "Best deals", another for "details", another for "reviews" and
so on. This way, it is more of an informational section for your visitor
rather than an advertisement, and naturally the click-through will be
higher. You can apply here:

You can also be an affiliate for Amazon.com. Amazon offers a wide
range of products but its predominant domain is in books. Whatever
your niche is about, you can probably find a book about it on
Amazon.com. Join their Associate program here:

Once you join them, you can refer visitors to them and earn up to 10% commission. It's not a lot but if you can manage to refer big volumes of visitors, Amazon is for you. This program really shines when it comes to the ways you can refer visitors: you can use their predefined templates to pull up recent items that match a certain criteria you set, you can target your ad to show a specific item on sale or you can just simply weave your referral links into your blog posts.

Last but definitely not least, you can sell advertising space on
your blog if your blog is truly popular. Just take a look at blogs
like http://xiaxue.blogspot.com. That blog receives over 10,000 page
views every day and naturally merchants will want to strike a deal
with the blog's owner to post their advertisements there. If you
manage to pull in huge amounts of traffic like that blog, you can
definitely get people to buy ad space on your blog for prices from
$150/month upwards, depending on your blog popularity.

To gauge how much page views and visitors you get everyday, just
use the free tool available at http://www.statcounter.com .. They have a very detailed setup guide there so I won't go into it.

If your blog has not acquired large amount of visitors yet, you can still sell ad space on your blog on a per click or per impression basis. Just visit sites like http://www.adbrite.com. For a complete list of these sites, visit http://performancing.com/node/60.

Hopefully, that will help you maximize earnings and profits from your blog!

About the Author:
Article: One Really Neat Way To Monetize Yourself Online

Art Breshears Internet Marketing for Small Business

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Best wishes for your online success!

Stan Smith

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