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" Private Label Rights "

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Private Label Rights
By Stan Smith

You have seen the sales and heard the stories about private label rights and resale rights. However, are you really sure you know exactly how they work? Do you really know the difference or what advantages private label rights offer over simple resale rights?

Private Label Rights software is software that is usually sold with the source code included so that you can insert your own information into the code. You then have a customized product which is labeled with your own personal information, your logo and your links. It becomes your unique product and is sold as your own product.

While this may sound confusing to many people, it really is not. The open source code is the actual code that comprises the program. Information such as registration information, image files and logos are all contained within the source code. Replacing this information with your own and then compiling the code will provide you with a fully customized and personalized program which you can sell as if you are the sole creator and genius behind the product.

The benefits of doing business in this manner are numerous and all well worth looking at. First, the program is now your creation in every sense of the word. You now have a fully customized product which you can sell to your customers as something of your own. This will always give people a more positive impression of you, your skill and your internet marketing savvy.

What does that mean? That means that when you come out with something new or another program that you are actively promoting, that your name will already be recognized and trusted by everyone who is already using your program. It really is all about the lists in internet marketing and having your own programs will do more to increase your list faster than just about any other type of marketing known.

It also means that you can now sell this product with resale rights to other people on your list. While the bottom line may decrease a little if you already have a substantial list, there are other benefits to take into consideration as well. With a little bit of creativity, you can insert all of your contact information into the product and give everyone who purchases the software a direct link to your contact information.

There are also other ways of using these products to actually get contact information from other users of the program as well. So while you may lose a little money on the actual initial sales, you now have everybody who has purchased the product actively marketing you and your product and helping to build your list.

If you are interested in making a living onlline, you need to consider acquiring products with Private Label Rights and turning them into your own creations. Using the open source code to include or extract a little information will greatly enhance your visibility, your reputation and your overall income.

About the Author:
Stan Smith is the publisher of MyOwnEzine.com and editor
of "MOE", a bi-weekly ezine about publishing your own ezine
and marketing online. To get free PLR and Source Code
to a brand new software product (worth $497), go to:

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Best wishes for your online success!

Stan Smith

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