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" ReSell Rights, Master ReSell Rights, Branding Rights, Public Domain Rights and Private Label Rights:
What's The Difference? "

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ReSell Rights, Master ReSell Rights, Branding Rights, Public Domain Rights and Private Label Rights:
What's The Difference?

By Stan Smith

Unless your web site is for family, friends or charity, you are on the Web to make a profit. And, to make a profit, you must have a web site that is designed properly with the right content and the best offers of products and services for your niche market. Of course, your offers should be competitively priced and represent the "best deals" available for the price.

In your search for quality products to sell, be aware of the rights you acquire with their purchase and the rights you pass on to your customers. These rights can define your product's appeal and how you should market online. Make the differences make a difference in your bottom line.

So, how do they differ: Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights, Branding Rights, Public Domain Rights and Private Label Rights?

1. ReSell Rights

When you acquire a product with ReSell (or ReSale) Rights, you are granted the right to resell that product and keep all the proceeds from the sale. However, you can not duplicate or reproduce it, or claim it as your own creation. You can not put your name on it.

You can not modify the product whatsoever. The content and the features are legally still very much controlled by the original owner. Furthermore, your customer will be limited to using the product for personal use only. He or she can not resell it.

2. Master Resell Rights

If the seller of a product gives you Master ReSell Rights, you can sell the product (an Ebook, for example)  and also give your buyer the right to resell the product to others. The grant of Master ReSell Rights is a license to pass on to others the resale rights you acquired.

While the offer of Master ReSell Rights may encourage more people to buy your product than a simple product offer, there is a downside. Buyers of your product now end up as potential competitors. They will be selling your product and you will be sharing the market with more people.

3. Branding Rights

In many instances, the creator of a product will not only give you the right to resell a product, but also the right to put your name on the product. This is a grant of Branding Rights and is usually well controlled by the original owner of the product. That owner retains all copyrights and is simply allowing you to add your name and make limited changes (affiliate links, for example).

4. Public Domain Rights

Items in the Public Domain include any data, information or products over which no other person claims property rights. The public can access these items and use them without paying royalties. You have the right to use public domain items at any time and for any purpose, for free.

Public Domain property is considered to be community property. No one can take ownership over it. No one can enjoy it exclusively. Everyone can benefit from it.

Because anything in the public domain can be accessed for free, there's little money to be made directly from the items. However, you can use P.D. products as part of your digital commodities or to make derivative works. For example, you can use a popular public domain image on your ebook cover and not worry about copyright infringement.

Unfortunately, the public domain realm is still vague and a potential legal quagmire. Sometimes, just the effort to research a product's status in the public domain will take more time than it is worth. There are web sites that provide P.D. products, but you will pay for them and you are limited to what they offer.

5. Private Label Rights

When you purchase a product with Private Label Rights (PLR), you acquire the product and the rights to claim the product as your own. The seller transfers complete ownership over the product to the buyer.

This means that you can do anything you want with the product. Change it anyway you think proper. Modify some parts or delete others. Add new features or options and claim it under your own name. Sell it or give it away as an incentive or reward.

Because of the higher potential for profits from Private label products, they are held in high esteem by internet marketers. One weakness does exist, though, with one type of PLR product, the Articles.

Some buyers of Articles that carry Private Label Rights fail to edit the articles to add a little customization for their own web sites. Consequently, these articles get duplicated word for word all over the Web. When a search engine encounters one of these articles, it ignores the web page because the content is not new. The result is a weaker link back to the "author's" site.


In the end, you as an internet marketer must decide what will work best for your web site. Knowing the differences among ReSell Rights, Master ReSale Rights, Branding Rights, Public Domain Rights and Private Label Rights should help you find the right products for your niche market. And, as with all things, simply maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

About the Author:
Stan Smith is the Publisher of MyOwnEzine.com and Editor of "MOE", a bi-weekly ezine about publishing your own ezine and marketing online. Start your own ezine with 200 Free PLR Articles:

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Best wishes for your online success!

Stan Smith

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