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" How To Create Your Product To Sell Online "

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How To Create Your Product To Sell Online
By Ken Leonard Jr.
KLJ Online

Would you like to be able to sell your own product online? One
that is uniquely yours that you make 100% of the profit from?
Then this may be the most important article you've read this year.

In my last article we covered why you want to consider having
your own product to sell online. Today you are going to learn how
to create your own product. If you can follow this simple plan to
completion you will have your own unique product to sell online.

Hopefully you already have some ideas for a product. Just don't
go crazy creating your product yet. First you'll want to make
sure your product has a good chance of making you a nice profit.

Do keyword research to make sure there is interest online. Then
look at pay per click ads to check out your competition. More
competition means there is money to be made on that keyword
phrase. And if click prices for the top spots are high, you may
have a winner on your hands. You can view maximum click bids for
Yahoo Sponsored Search by going to their site. Click on Pricing
and you will find a button that allows you to view advertiser's
max click bids for any keyword phrase.

The idea is to sell people a product they already want. This research
can prove if they want your product and are willing to pay for it.

When you have found a potential winner product idea, it's time to
get some real feedback from your target market.

You can do this by directing people that click on your PPC ad to
an incentivized survey page. Your offer is that they get a useful free
gift for providing their honest feedback to your survey. You can also
run a survey to your email list or direct mail list if they are made up
of your target prospects. When they opt in to get your free gift, you
will be building a list of targeted readers. Readers that you can mail
your offer to if it turns out to be a profitable idea.

From the feedback you have received you can now create a product
(or have someone do it for you) that provides exact solutions to
your prospect's questions and concerns.

Your product can be a digital PDF report or eBook, or even a useful
software program. Depending on your market, you could even
create a physical home study course style product that you have
shipped to your customer's door. It can include audio or video
CDs or be a totally web-based "elite" membership resource site.

You have the best chance of doing a successful original product
release if you test everything every step of the way. You have
virtually no chance if you don't give your customer what they
already want.

About the Author:
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in just weeks with personal help
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Best wishes for your online success!

Stan Smith

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