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==> Finding A Product To Sell

" Five Places Where You Can Find
New Products To Sell "

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Five Places Where You Can Find New Products To Sell
By Jinger Jarrett

Joint Venture Deals

Contact other business owners and ask them if you can sell
their products or services. The products or services should be
related to your target audience. You could set up a deal to just
market them and receive a percentage of the profits.

Affiliate Programs

Join another businesses affiliate program. You just sign-up at
their web site and they give you a link that tracks all your sales.
Every time someone orders or clicks through your link you
receive a commission.


You can buy products at a large discount through a wholesaler.
Just order the products from your wholesaler of choice. When
you receive the products, mark-up the price to the amount you
want to sell them for.

Reprint/Duplication Rights

Some businesses offer you the right to buy licenses to reprint
or duplicate their products. You pay for the license and then
you can reproduce the product and keep all the profits.
The license stipulations may vary from business to business.

Drop Shippers

You can sign-up to a drop shipper program from another
business or wholesaler. When someone orders the product,
you keep a percentage of the sale and send the rest of the
order to the drop shipper. The drop shipper will then ship
the product to your customer.

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