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" Making Money With Affiliate Programs:
6 Proven Steps To Success "

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Making Money With Affiliate Programs:
6 Proven Steps To Success

By Aaron Krall

Dennis signed up for a super affiliate program and was ready to start
making cash. His merchant paid out 66 dollars per commission,
and calculated that with just 8 sales a week he would be making
about $1,000 a month.

He set up a Adwords campaign that would cost him $45 a month,
wrote some articles and submitted them and waited for the money
to start rolling in. Then he waited, and waited.......over a month
later he ended up with three sales commissions. After adding and
subtracting the numbers, he made just over 95 bucks total net profit.

This case may seem a little extreme, but it may not be as far
fetched as you think. Most affiliates don't even get as far as Dennis!
99% of all affiliates barely make a living on the Internet while the
other 1% are making a killing!

What is the difference? Why do so many fail? Well, what Dennis
and the other 99% don't understand is that there is a lot more to
affiliate success than just sending potential customers to an
affiliate's site. The next 6 steps will reveal some secrets of top
affiliates. They are simple but their simplicity should not be
overlooked. Follow them and you will succeed.

First, select an affiliate program that pays out a good commission.
Anything less than $20 should not be considered.

Then you should buy the product and use it. A personal, honest
recommendation is very convincing and will help you in your

Make sure your affiliate program provides you with enough
materials to help you succeed. Some affiliate programs will
actually give you a re-brandable ebook to brand with your
affiliate links that you can give away. Either way you will
have to have some kind of free ebook or report to give away,
so if your affiliate doesn't provide you with one you can buy
one or make one yourself.

Now, you need to get an auto responder. This is how you will
contact the list of people you will be creating, but don't worry
I'll get to that. There are lot of auto responders out there, but
http://www.aweber.com is the best, hands down. I would say
more than half of all Internet marketers are using Aweber. You
will also need to make some follow up emails but we'll get to
that in a second.

Now set up your email follow up. It should be about 6-10 emails
that reminds them about the report they downloaded, and
introduces them to your affiliate program. For instance, you
could say something like; Hey thanks for getting Top Ten
Secrets of Super Affiliates! Before you read it, go get a
copy of insert affiliate here before the price goes up. It will
reveal all the secrets of the world's greatest affiliates.
Your emails should be short, but effective. Oh yeah, send
them another freebie that they weren't expecting. They will
love that, and it will increase their confidence in you and the
chance they buy from you will increase!

The last step is to advertise for your free report or ebook.
Article writing is the best way to do that for now. It's free,
and until you get a website it's your only choice. In your
article resource box, have your reader send a blank email
to your auto responder to get your free report. Submit 3-4
articles a week and before you know it you'll have a list
growing. It will take a while to build your list, but it will
become invaluable to you.

There you have it. Using these simple steps you can make
money with any affiliate program. Now go out there and get
started! Don't get discouraged if you fail, the important thing
is you go out there and do it. Here's to your success!

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