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" 10 Reasons Why Your Online Product Is Not Selling "

Evelyn Lim says, "before you jump into creating your website and go on a grand marketing blitz, it is important to spend some time studying what product to sell". In her article, Evelyn gives us ten reasons why some products fail to sell. Avoid these pitfalls and you've made a good start at bringing in those sales. Read more below:

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10 Reasons Why Your Online Product Is Not Selling
by Evelyn Lim

There are tons of online products that you can sell and represent.
Just check out the directory at http://www.cj.com ,
http://www.clickbank.com and the multitude of affiliate programs
out there.
But before you jump into creating your website and go on a grand
marketing blitz, it is important to spend some time studying what
product to sell. Here are 10 reasons why some of products fail to
bring in the sales:
1) Product does not meet the basic needs of the customer.
2) Product does not add value to the customer.
3) Product is of poor quality and fails to perform up to expectations.

4) Product is created for the wrong target market.
5) Product is already obsolete due to fast changing environment.
6) Product is too generic and has no distinct advantage.
7) Product is wrongly priced.
8) Product has a packaging that does not appeal to the customer.

9) Product is in a market that is too competitive.
10) Product is not user friendly and is too complicated to use.
Enhancing or changing the product's specifications are not within
your control if you are not the one creating it. Hence, the only way
to a great business plan is to avoid being associated with a product
To analyze the product in question, try putting yourself in the shoes
of a potential customer and test it for usability, reliability and
whether it meets your needs. You can also go to online discussion
forums to check if there are any negative comments about the
product or alternatively, if there are credible testimonials written.
One very important aspect to address also is the after sales
support of the product. You do not want to be caught selling
something for which there is no available support from the originating
merchant. The best way forward is to test the product and email or
contact the vendor on your questions. If there is no reply within a
reasonable time frame, move on to the next product to analyze.

About the Author:
Evelyn Lim is an online business entrepreneur. She publishes a
free weekly newsletter "Mapping You to Success" for aspiring
e-biz owners. The aim of her publication is to equip readers with
the skills to acquire multiple sources of online income.
To subscribe, please visit

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