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" The Sweet "Peas" of Ezine Success "

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The Sweet "Peas" of Ezine Success
© Charlie Page

In recent months, it has been easy to see that email and ezine marketing have been under attack. Who are the attackers?

Some are the unethical marketers who flood our inboxes with messages we don't want, creating a perception that things are just out of control. Some are legislators who want to make a name for themselves by grand-standing that they are going to "fix the problem".

Some are industry insiders who have an agenda that works best if email marketing goes away. And some are the big email marketers, who want to eliminate competition and consolidate the business for themselves.

Some are even proclaiming (quite loudly) "email marketing is dead!"

Happily, that assertion is completely wrong. Here's why.

Email marketing, and by extension ezine marketing since ezines are delivered via email, will continue to be strong for these three simple reasons. I like to call them "The Sweet P's of Ezine Success".

1. Ezines are Profitable.
The trend in Internet marketing today is Joint Ventures. We've all heard about joint ventures until we're blue in the face. But what is a Joint Venture other than a new and effective use of email marketing?

Most JVs concentrate on the person who has a product they want promoted "Joint Venturing" with someone who has a powerful opt-in list.

In 2002, this was called a solo ad. In 2003 it was renamed "Joint Venture" and everyone began selling eBooks on the subject. The right JV can be very successful, but let's see it for what it really is … email marketing.

2. Ezines are Personal.
How many times have you heard that "people buy from people they trust."? Well, it's completely true. Everyone online tries to create, or convey, credibility on his or her web site. But there is only so much one can do with a web site.

Only email marketing, with its ability to deliver personal messages over a period of time, can let your prospective customers hear your message in your voice, and on your schedule. And hearing your voice is what it's all about.

Success online is not the ability to successfully imitate someone else. It's the ability to let customers connect with you, and in so doing begin to respect and trust you and the products you offer or recommend.

3. Ezines are Proactive.
Today, talk of blogs (web logs that act as sort of an online diary) taking the place of ezines is common. While blogs are fine, and an important part of a comprehensive marketing campaign, they are not as effective as ezines because the reader has to go TO the blog to get information.

In today's world people don't have enough time. With literally billions of websites out there, what are the chances that someone will remember to go to a particular blog? Not likely.

Some things don't change. People subscribe to ezines that deliver timely information they can use to make their lives better. People don't join a newsletter and then say, "Oh darn, there's that pesky ezine again. I wish they would stop that!" No, they do what you did.

Having chosen to join an ezine, you look forward to each issue, see the subject line in your email program, open it and read information that interests you.

4. Ezines are Powerful
An interested audience, choosing to read information that they asked to receive that makes a difference in their real world. Now, that's marketing power. And when your message (whether an ad or an article) appears in publications that fit this description, you win every time. That's why ezine marketing works so well.

5. Ezines are Persuasive
The online world is much like the offline world. How many times do you buy the first thing you see from the first person who offers it to you? Most of us need to see an offer more than once to feel that we're making an informed opinion.

Ezines, with their regular delivery schedule, are the perfect way to make your case over time.

6. Ezines are Precise
You've heard the term "target marketing"? Well, nothing on the Net is more targeted than ezines. Even Pay Per Click (although excellent) can't target as well as ezines since search terms can be very broad.

If you want precision marketing, you want ezines.

Yes, I'm an advocate of ezines, and happily so for one very important reason.

EZINES WORK ... they produce results.

And results is what all great marketing is all about.

While I respect every voice, even those with whom I seriously disagree, the facts speak for themselves. The market and technology have combined to beat back every serious attack on the email marketing business.

The bad people will not win.

The spammers will not prevail.

Those who use email marketing wisely and responsibly can look forward to a very bright future indeed. As the economy improves, the outlook for email marketing this year and beyond has never been brighter.

About the Author:
Charlie Page is a copywriter who owns the Directory of Ezines and the Directory of Marketing. If you want to sell more online, visit Charlie today at http://www.realworldtactics.com/cmd.php?Clk=1622392

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Best wishes for your online success!

Stan Smith

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