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"5 Important Ezine Tips"

Marketers everywhere are discovering the value of ezines in internet marketing. Sonia Colon knows. She uses an ezine to promote her online specialty giftstore. In her article, Sonia reminds us not to forget some of the structural basics of publishing any ezine. Follow her lead and reap your own rewards!

This article may be reprinted in your ezine or on your site in its entirety so long as the author's credits and all links remain intact.

5 Important Ezine Tips
Copyright ...by Sonia Colon
November 15,2005

Do you know that having an ezine for your business is imperative? What's an ezine you ask? An ezine is short for electronic magazine.
Do you have one? If not, please start one as soon as possible. Your business will thank you for it!

The following are ezine tips that I believe will help you acquire more subscribers to your ezine, thus making your products and knowledge that much more important.

1. What are you putting at the top of your ezine?

Always, have your email, along with your name and url right at the top of your ezine. There have been cases where I could NOT find the email or even the name of the publisher to contact. Also at the end of your ezine have your name, address, phone number, unsubscribe info, email and url again for easy access. There isn't anything worse than trying to find contact info that for some reason is invisible to your subscribers!

2. Keep your topics interesting

What will your subscribers most like learning about? Most importantly, what do you want your subscribers to learn about you, your product, your services, etc. Build upon that and work your way through.

3. Make it easy to subscribe!

Put a subscription box on your site. Whether it's a link that takes a subscriber to an email page or a subscription box, you must have that option. You may also add a subscription script to your page for opt-in subscribers. Check out Subscription Rocket and add this terrific script to your site!

4. Offer Freebies to your subscribers!

Adding a freebie is always a nice touch. Your subscribers will love that!

5. Disclaimer!

Adding a disclaimer to your ezine is very important. You want your subscribers to know that although you are sponsoring other websites, you are not responsible for their contents and services. Give your subscribers that option.

Next week, I will include more ezine tips. For now, apply these tips and you will be well on your way to creating a successful ezine.

Good luck!

Sonia Colon

About the Author:
Sonia Colon is owner of a successful online specialty
giftstore "Jimson Products". Visit her at
for a wonderful display. Get Your Own FREE Mall:

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Best wishes for your online success!

Stan Smith

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