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" Surefire Methods of Ezine Marketing "

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Surefire Methods of Ezine Marketing
Charlie Page

There are many voices today shouting that they have THE answer
when it comes to ezine marketing. The truth is that there is no
ONE answer. It takes work, common sense, an offer that appeals
to the public and the right tools to be really successful.

Let's forget the latest $47 piece of software for a moment and
focus together on the things that REALLY WORK.

***Target Your Market***

First of all, find the ezines that are related to your product, service
or biz opp. If you are selling fishing lures, you wouldn't want to
advertise in a food magazine. Even if they have a large subscriber
base and the price is cheap, don't waste your time or money.

***Past Issues***

Before spending your hard earned money, visit the website and
check out past ezine issues. No archives?... contact the
publisher and request an issue.

Here's what you are looking for:

* Is the format pleasing to the eye?
* Is there plenty of white space?
* Are the lines wrapping properly?

If the ezine is not easy to read, chances of your ad being read
are slim to none. If the text is all running together with no
blank lines to break it up, it can be tiring on the eyes. We all
read a lot during the course of the day! Readers WON'T struggle
to find your ad. It must reach out and grab THEM.

Other things to look for...

* How many ads are in the ezines?
* Are they all grouped in one place?

If there are too many ads all being displayed in the same area,
chances are your ad will not be seen. The reader will just scroll
on by!

Keep looking!

* Is there a top sponsor ad?
* Are ads spread throughout the publication?

The top sponsor spot, or "prime real estate", will cost more,
but the chances of your ad being seen is better than in the
classified section with all of the other ads.

Even a middle sponsor spot is an ideal location... your ad
stands out and as the reader is going through the publication...

Bang!... There's your ad where it's least expected!

***Universal Appeal***

If you have a product or service that is universal in appeal,
try general audience or humor/entertainment type ezines.



Subscribers do have a personal life and may just find your ad of
interest! Plus, people love to laugh. ;)

For instance, if you are marketing a cat or dog food, just
remember that the subscribers of many of the ezines have a
Fluffy or Fido and would be interested in your product. Your ad
in an "off beat" ezine would catch their eye and Fluffy or Fido
may get some new, healthy, natural food!

***Bigger... Not Always Better***

You'll need to consider the number of subscribers to the ezine.


Ezines with a smaller subscriber base are more likely to be
related to your product or service. When this is true, your
response rate will prove to be better than the results from a
larger circulation that may not be targeted to your market.

***Twenty Bucks vs A Hundred Bucks***

Don't be foolish and spend 100's of dollars on an ad (one that
you think is the greatest ad ever written) without first TESTING
the response to your ad.

There are several good ad trackers on the market today that are
inexpensive and worth their weight in gold.

When a reader sees your ad, the first thing they see is your
headline. It best be good... otherwise they won't read the rest
of your ad and certainly won't visit your website.

You don't need an audience of 25,000+ for 100 Bucks a pop to
see whether readers will click on your ad. You can simply place
your ad in an ezine that has an interest in your product or
service with 3,000 or 8,000 subscribers for $20 or $25 and know
if your ad is effective. If your response rate is low, chances
are your headline did not catch their eye.


***The National Inquirer***

Stumped for some catchy words or a phrase for your headline?

Next time you are standing in line at the grocery checkout, grab
a copy of the National Inquirer! Yup... that's right! And how do
you think they make their money?...

With catchy words and phrases!

How many times have you caught yourself looking at the front
cover and saying, "yeah, right!". Well...

Those "words" caught your eye, didn't they?

Start making a list of those words and phrases and then take a
look at your product or service and see how you can adapt them
to your ad.

***Don't Be Long-Winded***

Just because you can get 10-12 lines, 65 characters per line for
your ad, don't do it! Shorter is better.

People on the Internet are in a hurry... in a hurry to read
more, more, and more! And the last thing they want is a long
windy ad that can be stated in 3-5 lines including the headline
and URL!

Success is easy when you stick to the basics. Make sure you
master these key ingredients before you try to get too fancy.

Remember, be CREATIVE in your ad writing and keep it short 'n

About the Author:
Charlie Page is a copywriter who owns the Directory of Ezines
and the Directory of Marketing. If you want to sell more online,
visit Charlie today at:

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Best wishes for your online success!

Stan Smith

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