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" 3 Essential Tools for Email Marketers "

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3 Essential Tools for Email Marketers
By Jinger Jarrett

Marketing your business with email is an art.

It's very easy to get accused of spamming nowadays. Add to that
the filters ISPs are using, and your message may not get through.

If you do it right, email marketing can become a very effective
method of marketing your business.

Before you consider this method, there are three tools I consider
absolutely crucial to your success.

1. Educate yourself.

Get accused of spamming and you could destroy your reputation

Learn everything you can about email marketing and implement
those strategies in your marketing campaign.

Here are two sites you can use to educate yourself about email

Email Results - http://www.emailresults.com/ - This site offers
a newsletter, a directory of lists, and plenty of articles.

Email Educationhttp://www.emaileducation.com - Also offers
articles to help you learn how to use email to market your
business. You'll also get information on the latest trends in email
marketing as well as the latest news.

2. Email Formatting Utility

Once you've written your email, you want to make sure it looks

Check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Make sure
it is easy to read.

You can use this utility to format your emails to the right width.
It's not perfect, but it will save you plenty of time because you can
format your text at different widths. Overall, it does a very good job.

3. Anti-Spam

Before you send your message out, you want to check to make
sure it can get past the filters frequently used by ISPs.

There's a simple and easy way to check your message.
SiteSell.com has created a new feature called Spam Check.

Basically, you can send your email as a test message and
find out how the filters rank it. Then, you can make changes to
your email before sending it to your list.

Email marketing is a time consuming process. Done right, it can
be a very lucrative tool in your marketing arsenal. These tools
will help you make your email marketing efforts more effective.

About the Author:
Jinger Jarrett is a certified Web CEO Search Engine Optimization
professional living in Alpharetta, GA. You can get her best free
search engine resources, software, and ebooks when you
download her free toolbar from her special offers page at

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Best wishes for your online success!

Stan Smith

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