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" How to Create a Killer Ezine that can Explode your Profits! "

Recently, I was scratching through my archive of articles on internet marketing when I found a six year old article from the Internet Marketing Center. Today, it still remains one of the clearest and most effective arguments for publishing your own ezine. It clearly reflects my own philosphy and conviction that ezines can boost your business. Read Derek Gehl's article below:

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How to Create a Killer Ezine that can Explode your Profits!
from Derek Gehl

People are always asking me if they should have their own Ezine.
They figure that since there are lots of them out there already,
that creating their own newsletter would be a waste of their time!

I couldn't agree with this ... Less! Creating your own newsletter is
one of the components in building a successful online business.

Good thing you asked! There are two reasons why you need your
own Ezine or newsletter.

The first is in order to be able to contact your customers again and
again. This allows you to build credibilty and rapport with your
customers, something that will keep you in business! You want to
remind them that you are still in business, that you have more
products or services for them, that your website is filling up with all
sorts of useful information for them. The second reason for your own
Ezine is so that you can capture the names of visitors who have not
yet made the decision to buy! Once you have their email addresses
you can contact them again and again, reminding them of your
original offer and telling them about all the other goodies you have
for them. The reason you need your own Ezine is so that you can
put yourself in front of your target market time and time again!

What do you need in order to create a business building Ezine?

1) You must determine the focus of the Ezine.
The Ezine should provide relevant and timely information to your
target market. Your Ezine should share a parallel focus with your
products or services. What I mean by this is, if you are selling an
information product to veterinarians, your ezine should provide
information of use to veterinarians ... not pet owners!

2) Design a format for your Ezine.
There are lots of people out there who use email software that will
accept only plain text. Design a plain text ezine template that you
will feel comfortable using over and over. Your design should not
only take the physical look of the Ezine into account, but should
include a layout you will use for each newsletter you send.

To continue using our veterinarian example. Business Building
New for Vets could have standard sections including: an opening
editorial statement you could use to introduce topics in the
newsletter; a table of contents; a section called "In The News"; a
section on Business Building Tips; a section of classified ads; a
guest article; and so on.

Standardizing these sections will make your job easier. You will
know what kinds of things to be on the lookout for and what kinds
of articles you need to write, or contract out.

Part of your format is the size of your newsletter. If you make it
too long, people won't have time to read it unless you have killer
information and content... if it is too short people will have the
perception that they aren't getting their "money's worth" ... even if
it is free! Some email programs will not collect messages that
are too big. Look in your mailbox and see what sizes of newsletters
you are getting. What is your favorite length? Try and keep it
consistent. Of course ... If your newsletter is online, like ours ...
you do not have to worry about it being too long and that they won't
receive it, one of the reasons we have gone this route!

3) Decide on a publishing schedule.
Don't get too ambitious and promise a weekly Ezine until you know
you can produce a weekly Ezine! Even a monthly Ezine schedule is
a big commitment ... You have the voice of experience speaking
here! If you are easily able to keep up to a monthly schedule and
want to speed up the delivery of your messages ... go ahead, only
after you know you can keep up the pace ... and keep on providing
good, relevant content!

4) Use software that will help, not hinder you.
A good text editor will help you write and format a nice looking
product. Use something like Notepad, a basic text editor that
comes with Windows. Or try out TextPad a nifty little editor I like
because it allows you to set line length by number of characters
(65 is highly recommended), it has a good spell checker and is a
very nice all around text editor. TextPad is a shareware program,
try it out ... and if you like it the registration price is extremely

Email Software. My favorite is Eudora Pro a powerful program
that allows you to use any number of aliases and SIG files. You
can sort and filter your mail into folders, set up any number of
mailing lists, set up stationery files and more. If you have a small
list of newsletter subscribers you can even use Eudora Pro's blind
carbon copy feature to send your Ezines to your list.

Listserver Software. Mailloop will allow you to send your Ezine
... and any other messages you have ... to your entire list, no
matter how big that list is. Mailloop will also add and subtract
subscribers from your lists automatically ... and it can be set up
to personalize your newsletters if you wish. Once you own the
software, you can send out an unlimited number of messages at
no additional cost! To find out everything Mailloop can do for you
click here.

5) Provide good content.
Your objective is to sell people your products or your services …
or to build traffic to your site ... so you can sell advertising!
Whatever it is, you need to provide good content to your audience
so that you can build rapport and trust ... a relationship. Then
when you make a suggestion for a product ... whether it be yours
or someone else's, they will trust and believe you.

For example, in this article I have mentioned a number of pieces
of software I use. I don't have any vested interested in telling you
about them ... I have told you about TextPad because it is a truly
useful piece of shareware ... and I use Eudora Pro daily. I wouldn't
want to have to live without it. I have also told you about Mailloop.
We used to recommend Mailloop because we loved it ... and then
we decided we liked it so much we bought the rights to it. However,
if it wasn't such an incredibly useful piece of software, we wouldn't
have bought it ... and I wouldn't be telling you about it!

And you have to do the same thing with your newsletter. Provide
good content, tell only about the good things, the things that truly
work, the things you believe in!

You don't have to do it alone. You can hire someone to help
you write some or all of your articles. You can encourage your
subscribers to contribute articles or ideas or news sources …
if it is appropriate. You could "trade" articles with another
non-competing newsletter owner or ask an expert to contribute
a paragraph or two … or even a whole article. If you get help from
other people, make sure you acknowledge them. Give them a
credit line and a link to their site ... let your subscribers know
who your experts and contributors are.

If you use someone else's work, always always always get
permission and always give credit!

6) You must sell your products or services. If you are selling
advertising, then you must get people to visit your website.
Don't lose track of the purpose of your Ezine. Your Ezine allows
you to regularly contact people ... so you can sell them something
they want or need.

You didn't start this process so you could get up on a platform
and air your opinions. You didn't set your Ezine up so that you
could become the next publishing mogul. You didn't set it up so
that you would have lots of work to keep yourself occupied with
... you set it up so that you could build your business ... So that
you could sell your products or services or advertising space.
Don't lose track of this.

If you aren't sending your readers over to your website to find out
more about a product or service ... you should be selling them from
within the newsletter. If you have a classified ad section of your
newsletter ... put your own ads in it! And don't forget to tell people
about your products and services ... old and new in the editorial
sections of the newsletter.

Make sure you have good information and good relevant content
for your readers... and don't be shy about telling them you exist …
that your products are there to help them with their problems …
that you have a solution to their problems and woes! Hit their hot
buttons again and again. This is what your newsletter is for!
Make sure you build credibility and rapport with your subscribers.
Adding things like "Our email lists are totally private, we will never
sell your information to anyone!" and follow through with your
promise, because if they believe in you, trust you and you can
prove that you know what you are talking about, they will buy
from you!

About the Author:
Derek Gehl specializes in teaching real people how to start
profitable Internet businesses that make $100,000 to $2.5 Million
or more) per year. To get instant access to all his most profitable
marketing campaigns, strategies, tools, and resources that he's
used to grow $25 into over $40 Million in online sales, visit:

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Best wishes for your online success!

Stan Smith

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