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" List Building - Skeet Shooting or Fish in a Barrel? "

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List Building - Skeet Shooting or Fish in a Barrel?
By Mark Widawer

Have you ever tried Skeet shooting?

Odds are, you haven't, but you probably have seen it on TV, or at least know what it is, right?

That's when someone throws or launches a clay target into the air, and it's the shooter's job to aim at where that target is moving and pull the trigger so that the buckshot can be at the same spot as the target at the same moment in time.

It's a real challenge.

Even if your aim is perfect –  but you fire too soon — the target hasn't even been there yet. And if you fire too late, the target is long gone.

If everything doesn't intersect at exactly the same time at exactly the same spot, the shooter misses.


Strangely, most people run their business the same way. They put out an ad or promotion on a particular website, newspaper or TV; hope it gets seen by some prospect; show him some targeted message to cure the problem he's got right then; and provide him with exactly the right solution at the right price with the right offer. And if all of that matches at exactly the right time, you might make a sale.

It's a hard way to run a business because it depends on luck as much as any real business smarts you may really have.

So here's the bad news. . .

Hundreds or thousands of people are coming to your website every month, week or day. And almost every single one of them is going to leave without spending a penny with you. Then some time later they're going to need what you had to offer, will have forgotten the name of your website, and never find you again.

It's a skeet shoot.

And you missed an opportunity to provide real value to this person at a time when he needed it most. Then some time later they're going to need what you had to offer, will have forgotten the name of your website, and never find you again. And you lost a sale.

That's why it's so important that you prepare for your website visitors who are not yet ready to buy from you. You do that by giving them free information and other resources.

It's the beginning of your relationship with your new visitors.

It's the beginning of trust between you and your new visitors.

And it's the beginning of your list.

Because when a new prospect gives you their name and email in exchange for some good and useful information, they've given you permission to contact them in the future. And if you use that permission respectfully and wisely to give them real value, you can continue to provide good and useful information to them over and over again. So that when they are ready to make a purchase, you are top of mind.

And when you have something new to tell them about, they are eager to hear about it and more willing to respond to it.

And that's like shooting fish in a barrel.

About Mark Widawer:
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