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" How To Publish The Perfect Ezine?
... Reflections Of An Expert E-publisher "

The popularity and ease of publishing ezines has produced dramatic increases in the number of ezines on the web. There are so many that subscribers have become very critical and very choosy about what they subscribe to. In his article, Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian states that there are too many worthless ezines out there and then shows us how to rise above the mediocrity. Read More below:

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How To Publish The Perfect Ezine?
... Reflections Of An Expert E-publisher

by Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian

Ezine marketing has come of age.

Beyond argument and controversy today, an ezine is accepted to
be the most effective online marketing tool, one with the highest
return on investment. In simple terms, ezine marketing gives the
biggest bang for your buck.

Ezine publishing is also fairly straightforward. There are many tools
and services that help you get started quickly with very little effort
or expense. They let you create an ezine, provide you with content,
find you subscribers and even sell advertising space for you.

Not surprisingly, several hundred ezines are being launched every
day. Anyone can do it - and many people do.

Therein lies the problem. Not all these ezines will be marketing

Because too many ezines that are published today are worthless.

I'm sure you've seen them too. Poorly designed and formatted, full
of ads and marketing hype, with little useful content and - worst of
all - totally lacking in focus, trying to be everything to everyone. 

These are the ezines I would unsubscribe from after reading just
one or two issues. 

And I'm sure you would too.

The sheer number and variety of available ezines is forcing
subscribers to be hypercritical and choosy about the ones they
finally elect to keep. Limited time and interest spans add to the
challenge faced by ezine publishers. 

You now need to publish the perfect ezine, one that will capture
and retain your reader's attention - at least until they can be
converted into customers.

Which is why you have to learn to do it correctly, differently,
better than anyone else.

And you need a guide to hold you by the hand and lead you step
by step through the processes involved in ezine publishing -
like Ezine Launch -

But the perfect ezine is not easy to create. 

Not impossible, not very difficult, just ... not easy.
You need to know what to do. And then, step by step,
you'll move steadily towards that goal.

So where do you begin?

There are four broad stages in ezine publishing:

* Process Planning: creating a blueprint for your ezine including
the topic you will write about, frequency of publishing, nature of
content, proposed revenue streams, target audience, expected
growth rates and more

* Designing: deciding the layout, format and appearance of your
ezine and preparing templates

* Creation: getting down to the nuts and bolts of creating content
and putting together each edition

* Distribution: setting up a delivery system to sign up new readers,
send them each issue of your ezine, handling feedback and list

And each of these major steps is made up of dozens and dozens
of smaller action steps, each of which is equally important to your
business success. It is a lot of work to get these different processes
working together like well-oiled machinery. 

The upside, of course, is that the profits are high. 

Sure, it's hard work to get started. You'll need to plan your ezine,
create content, set up an ezine management process, and grow
your readership with smart effective promotion. All of this can take
two or three months. 

But soon you'll have a large, devoted group of readers who trust
you - and to whom you can market your business over and over,
for a long time.

At no extra cost !

To help you get started, here are some useful ezine publishing

Website Tutorials

> Email Publishing Digest -

> Ezine University -

> E-Publishing Handbook  -

> Complete Guide to Ezine Publishing -

Books and Courses

> Chris Pirillo's Email Publishing -

> Ezine Launch -

Good luck and happy e-publishing

Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian
Ezine Marketing Center

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********** Additional References **********

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Best wishes for your online success!

Stan Smith

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