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" 11 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Audio And Video On Your Website "

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11 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Audio And Video On Your Website
By Xavier Nelson

Having the best service or product to help your visitors solve a particular problem they are having doesn’t always mean you are going to be successful.

There are a lot of factors that determine if your product will be a hit or a flop.

Among these many different factors is how well your site grabs your visitors attention and keeps them there before they click away to another website.

Using Audio and Video on your site can significantly increase your chances at keeping your visitor interested and ultimately can directly impact how many sales you can make.

Reading information on a computer screen is hard on the eyes but hearing a recording that explains a certain tip on the topic your visitor is interested in is a great way to have your visitor stay focused on your message.

At the same time, watching a brief video demonstration of how your product can solve your visitors problem (seeing is believing) can add instant credibility and more value to your offer.

Here are just a few reasons why you should start using audio and video on your website starting today:

1. You can welcome your visitors to your website, giving a personal greeting and perhaps a brief overview of the problem you are going to help them solve.

2. Greeting your site visitors with a short video is a great way to show there’s an actual human they are interacting with, not just some nameless company.

3. You can quickly and easily create digital audio or video products, for example a tutorial on a particular software, adding more value to your offer than just a simple eBook might.

4. Testimonials of satisfied and happy clients are a great way to help your offer stand out from the rest, however, in the past, websurfers have begun to not believe a written testimonial as much because of fraud. Hearing your satisfied client, in their own voice, talk about how you helped them or seeing your happy customer tell your visitor about the results they achieved with your help will immediately add to the credibility of your offer and help increase your sales conversion.

5. Watching a tutorial often makes it easier to consume and benefit from the advice or tip you are giving compared to reading it in an article or ebook. By recording a quick video in which you share a tip for your readers and visitors you can effectively increase your retention of newsletter subscribers and have your visitors coming back time and again to see what new video clips you have added to your site to help them out.

6. Membership sites are all the rage and a great way to generate recurring income for long term success. By showing your visitors what they can expect to see in your member ship site once they join you make it very easy for your prospect to make an informed decision to join and you can also reduce the number of refunds and customer service inquiries you need to address giving you more time to do what’s important for your business - marketing.

7. Video and audio can serve as a great way to get fresh, new, targeted traffic to your website. There are websites popping up all over the place, from Google to YouTube and iTunes just as three examples, that service this growing need, that allow you to upload your audio or video files and their visitors can quickly consume your information and they even make it easy for that person to share it with others that may be interested in your topic. Just imagine if you have a useful tip to deal with a particularly severe problem in a large niche market and just one person sees that information and finds it useful, do you think they will tell others they know about it? Absolutely.

8. Create a short video about a particular affiliate product or service you are recommending where you give your own testimonial and overview of how this service or product has helped you overcome a problem. This is a great way to presell an affiliate program to your visitor or even to send to the program owner so they can add it to their site to give you increased exposure from other websites.

9. Video and audio clips distributed throughout the internet featuring you are a great way to increase your brand and product recognition effectively establishing you as a leader on the cutting edge of your industry.

10. Blogs are a great way to share information but adding video can significantly increase the amount of traffic your blog will get. Creating a vBlog (Video Blog) also allows you to give that much more personal touch.

11. Podcasting (streaming your recording on demand via other services such as iTunes) is growing in popularity every day and you could even start using audio to create professional podcasts or your own radio show that is supported by advertising fees or the sales of memberships and subscriptions.

There are many other reasons why you should start using audio and video on your website starting today, but one of the biggest problems in the past has been the cost of the equipment, specialized tools to allow the information to be shared online and the time investment.

Today that is no longer a problem with more and more surfers on the internet taking advantage of the speed broadband internet connections provide them and even the cost of the tools and hosting has come down so far you have nothing standing in your way anymore to take advante of all the powerful benefits using audio and video offer you.

About the Author:
Xavier Nelson is an Entrepreneurial Consultant and Work At Home Business Coach dedicated to helping you achieve the success you desire. Discover the hidden secrets of using Audio and Video on your website and power up your site by visiting

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