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" Focused Content Still "King" Online "

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Focused Content Still "King" Online

(c) Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

Ever notice how some websites grab your attention and hold if for
hours, even to the point where you must consciously drag yourself
away from the monitor?

In an age when websites truly rate a "dime a dozen," discovering a
really great website feels more like finding a $10 bill on the
sidewalk than merely surfing the Internet.

Whether their creators did it on purpose or not, virtually all
successful websites share the following characteristics:

First, every good website focuses on a specific, narrow,
niche audience.

Imagine the difference between a light bulb and a laser beam.

Both provide light, but the laser focuses its light with pinpoint
precision, while the light bulb diffuses its light in every direction.

In other words, successful websites don't try to sell cooking
supplies to people interested in the latest fishing or hunting

They specifically provide content on exact topics of interest to their
target audience, instead of trying to offer all things to all people.

Second, with the exception of personal, family, or hobby
websites, every website operates with the ultimate purpose
of turning a profit.

Unfortunately many websites make this their only purpose and,
thus, fail miserably in their attempts to succeed online.

We saw how blatantly greedy, self-centered websites failed in
the "dot-bomb" era... and it got ugly.

On the other hand, successful websites make money as a result
of providing products, services, and information of obvious value
for their targeted visitors.

They win by putting the needs and desires of the visitors first
and get rewarded in the process.

Next, virtually every good website shares something
in common with successful newspapers and magazines:
great headlines!

Any website that makes it over the long haul does so by quickly
communicating the main theme of the website with a compelling
headline or opening statement that pulls people into the text.

Most people surf the Web in "stay or bail" mode, meaning they
constantly evaluate everything they see on whether they should
keep reading or click away to another website.

The headline or opening statement on any website represents
the single most powerful factor to influence people to stick
around and find out more, or hit their back button faster than you
can say "Windows Blue Screen of Death!"

Finally, once a good website pulls a targeted visitor into
the text, they provide focused, benefit-oriented product
information, articles and other content that plays to the
reader's built-in mental radio station,  WII-FM
(What's In It For Me)!

By providing narrowly focused content, the website satisfies
specific desires for the audience and, if it's a topic of intense
interest, holds their attention for an extended period of time
and gets them to buy.

The next time you get a "great idea" for an ebook, Internet
business, or someone approaches you with a "can't miss"
online tech stock, pull out this list and use it to evaluate
the big picture.

Understanding how and why websites succeed or fail can help
you predict the ultimate fate of just about any online venture.

About the Author:
Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the
creator of an amazing course that will teach you step-by-
step and click-by-click how to finally create your own
money-making mini-sites...

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Best wishes for your online success!

Stan Smith

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