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" Automate Your Blog And Go On Vacation "

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Automate Your Blog And Go On Vacation
By Aaron Brandon

In a few months, I plan on going on a one or two week vacation. During that time, my blog will automatically be scheduled to post new blog entries. Doing so will keep my blog from going dormant, which could cause a loss of current readers and a loss of sales for my business.

Good friends and customers have come to me asking how I've managed to set up such a system. In this article, I'll explain to you exactly what I've explained to them. If you own an internet business, or just have a blog, feel free to use this advice for yourself, or, send it to a friend who will appreciate such advice.

The first thing you must do is actually have a blog. I would recommend Wordpress for your blog. Using free blog accounts like blogger.com will not give you all of the controls you need to be able to put your blog on autopilot. Simply head over to wordpress.org, and download wordpress and install it on your website. It should take no more than 30 minutes to have it up and running. If you get stuck, use my course at blogcastcourse.com for a step-by-step video guide.

Now, you should have a blog. Go ahead and write a post, but don't submit it just yet. On the right, you should see a drop down menu called "Post Timestamp". Open it. This is the place to adjust your time and date settings of your entry.

We now want to test this feature out. I'm just going to pretend here that I need to go on vacation starting November First, and ending on November 5th. So I'll need to have a new blog entry posted every day on those dates. So, check the "Edit Timestamp" box, and add fill in the information for the first day. Date: November, 1, for the
first, the year, and the time in 24 hour time that you like to have your entry posted. Now, you're done. Press the publish button under your post, and rinse and repeat this procedure for each date of the vacation.

Ok, one problem. If you want a good article posted on those five days, that means that you have a lot work cut out for your before your vacation. I wouldn't enjoy that much. But I do have a solution. Do you have a business with employees who will do some writing for you? Give the task to them to write a daily blog entry. However, some of you might run a blog and have no employees. I have a solution to that as well.

Set up an intern program. If you don't have one, start one. You can use such a program to run your blog, or your entire business on autopilot. I've known a few really successful entrepreneurs who have done this and have completely automated their business. They may only work on it a few hours per week. To do this, create a new website, or use your existing site to make a section which explains your new free unpaid internship. Make sure they know that the benefit is that it will show them what you do to run your business. You will teach your interns how to do what you do by giving them small tasks they can perform. A good example would be for them to write articles for you. Once you've trained and tracked an interns performance, you can eventually give them the procedure on how to write a post for your blog. The unpaid internship concept has worked for a countless number of successful businesses, and there's no reason you shouldn't be doing this too.

I recommend using a program like Camtasia Studio which you can use to capture what you're doing on your computer, and will record what you're doing on the screen. It will also record audio from a microphone so you can easily dictate the steps you are doing, which is the procedure your interns will follow later.

All the procedures the interns will use can be set up as a follow up message in an autoresponder like Aweber. Doing so will automatically send out a written procedure with a video for them to follow along. Then, you'll be ready for interns to join. Put a web form on your main site and advertise your new program. It's up to you to track your interns and choose your best interns to do larger or higher permission procedures for you. So consider automating your blog and your business with the help of an intern program. Maybe you'll be able to take a month or longer vacation. Good luck on your ventures with automation. I'm looking forward to hearing some stories.

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