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" Website Ranking Factors Explained "

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Website Ranking Factors Explained
By Courtney Heard

Have you ever had a proposal, estimate or quote for search engine
optimization work and wondered what goes into the pricing? What
makes one site need more work than another? Why do some sites
increase rankings faster than others? Why do some sites get more
traffïc from their top page ranking than yours?

There are so many aspects of a website that can decrease or boost
your search engine rankings. Each website is as unique as DNA
and as such, will react differently to different marketing treatments.

What are these different factors that go into your website’s ranking?
Below is a list of the most important aspects:

1.The State of Your Site Prior to the Optimization -

Your website can have many different attributes that contribute to
its ability to rank well or not so well. Your site’s PageRank for
example, if your PR is a 0/10 or 1/10, it’s going to take a lot longer
and a lot more work to get your site ranking well. If your site is
poorly designed, contains frames or is written entirely in Flash, a
lot of work will be required to redesign your site so that it is search
engine friendly.

If your site has very few incoming links, a fair amount of link
development will have to be done in order for you to see the
rankings and traffïc you’re after. A website that has been around
for a while and developed its PageRank, has a search engine
friendly design and obtains links on a frequent basis, will be able
to reach top positions much faster than other sites, once an
optimization campaign is under way.

2. The Keywords You Are Targeting -

Some keywords are less competitive than others. If you search
Google for a keyword or keyword phrase, you’ll see at the top of the
results how many web pages are listed in those results. That is the
amount of websites that are competing with yours to reach top page
placement for that keyword or keyword phrase. For example, the
keyword phrase "web design" has approximately 303 million web
pages listed in the results, whereas if you search for my name in
quotations, "courtney heard", you will see that there are only 508
web pages listed in the results.

It is therefore, much easier to rank well for the keywords "courtney
heard" than it is for web design. This is why you must choose
keywords wisely. With tools such as wordtracker.com, you can find
out approximately how many searches are performed for a given
keyword or keyword phrase. The more competitive those keywords
are, the higher the cost will be to optimize your website and the
longer the optimization will take.

3. The Size of Your Target Market -

If your site is targeting a global market, it will take a lot more effort
to reach the top ten search results than if your site is targeting a
regional market. It also depends on what sort of market you’re

If your site sells a product that only a small group of people will be
interested in purchasing, your site will be optimized easier than if the
product or service appealed to the global population. For instance,
the keyword phrase "real estate" will require a lot more effort to
reach top page placement for than "real estate canada" and even
"real estate vancouver".

4. Competitor Sites’ SEO Campaigns -

You might find that once your optimization campaign is under way,
your site jumps and slips and jumps and slips several times. This
can be due to many things, but the one we’ll look at is your
competitors’ sites SEO campaigns.

If your competitors are aggressively optimizing their own sites for
search engines, they can also be achieving new rankings and
displacing your site. This brings us to our 5th and final point…

5. Your Own SEO and Link Development Campaign -

Your own link development and SEO campaign should be thorough,
covering all the aspects of a well optimized site and utilizing all
your resources for obtaining incoming links. If your SEO campaign
isn’t approached properly, your competitors can surpass you in the
rankings easily. You must be aware of your competition and adjust
your efforts accordingly.

As you can see, there are many, many things that make your
site unique in the services it requires. Some sites can reach top
page placement by just changing a title tag, while others wait 6
months to even be listed on Google. The bottom line is, educate
yourself, ask questïons, choose the right SEO company and be
patient. In time, your top page placement will come.

About the Author:
Courtney Heard is the founder of Abalone Designs,
an Internet Marketing and SEO company in Vancouver, Canada.
She has been involved in web development and marketing since
1995 and has helped start several businesses since then in the
Vancouver area. More of Courtney’s articles are available at

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Best wishes for your online success!

Stan Smith

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