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" The Downside of Free Web Hosting "

The idea of hosting your site for FREE sounds great, but Russ Mate says watch out for the downsides: ads from competitors, little or no support, lots of downtime, limits on files and storage and weak domain names. Free hosting has its place, but not for your business. Read More below:

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The Downside of Free Web Hosting
By Russ Mate

When looking for a web host you'll come across Free web
hosts that don't charge you anything for hosting your website
and others that charge a fee for hosting. This article will
explore the downside of using a free small business web
hosting company.

Many free web hosting companies will place advertising on
your website, usually in the form of a banner ad and sometimes
text ads, or in some cases, both types of ads. You might at
first think this isn't too bad - but what you need to realize is
that those ads being served up could contain your competitors'
advertising messages. That's one of the things that is out of
your control when you use a free small business web hosting

With a free web hosting plan you're not going to get the level
of support you would get with a paid web hosting plan. You'll
even be lucky if there is email support. Most likely, you're
going to have to rely on a support FAQ page. So when you're
site goes down for some unknown reason, you may find it
impossible to get help.

On a free web hosting plan you may experience a large amount
of downtime. Why? Because in all likelihood the server that
hosts your website is probably hosting 5000 or more sites. All
competing for the same resources. Since you're not paying for
the service, why should the free web hosting company care if
your site goes down 25% of the down?

Most free web hosts limit the type of files you can use. Not
too many free web hosting companies allow their customers
to upload MP3's and other bandwidth intensive files. If you
need a large amount of storage you'll probably have to go with
a paid web hosting plan. The majority of free web hosts don't
offer much storage.

Another drawback to using a free web hosting plan is that
you may be forced to use a subdomain of your web host -
for example: www.thetopfreehost.com/free/4576/sites/mysite -
instead of your own shorter and easier to remember domain

When choosing a web host, keep in mind that when you go
with a free web host, you 're getting exactly what you're
paying for.

About the Author:
Russ Mate is President of MateMedia, Inc.
Your Partner on the Web
Toll Free 1-877-309-7521

MateMedia offers the following services:
Small Business Web Hosting
Web Design & Development
Search Engine Optimization
Domain Name Registration

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