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" Building Targeted Traffic (Part 2) "

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Building Targeted Traffic (Part 2)
Copyright 2002 Priya Shah

In the first part of this article, I covered the techniques you
can use to build targeted traffic to your website using free
Search Engine traffic. (To get the first part, CLICK HERE )

As always when you want something free you must pay for it in
other ways - here in the time you must spend creating and
optimizing a search-engine friendly site.

But what if you don't want to go through all this trouble of
optimizing your site?

And what if, even after all this effort, you do not place
anywhere near the first three pages (very likely because there
may be many excellent sites out there competing for the same

Well, no one said it was easy. But there IS a quicker and easier
way to get targeted search engine traffic.

That is, if you're willing to PAY for Quality Traffic!


Pay-per-click search engines like Overture.com and its numerous
clones allow you to BID for keywords of your choice, and charge
you only when your link is actually CLICKED on. So you only pay
for the VISITORS you get.

Google itself has a Pay-per-Click option called Google Adwords
Select. To see how it works, click on http://www.google.com and
do a search for any keyword.

To the left of the page, you will see the usual search results.
But on the right of the page, you will see boxes with ads
related to the topic of your search.

YOURS could be one of them.

Google's ad-word campaign is easy to set up and edit and your
ads will start appearing on its searches immediately for the
keywords you choose.

Here are some resources that will help you get started with your
PPC campaign.

Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Secrets Revealed

Mastering the PPCs

Mastering Google AdWords Select

21 Ways to Maximize Your profits on Google AdWords Select


** You don't need an optimized site or even your own domain
name. All you need are a few user-friendly SALES pages that get
results for you - something that you can achieve by writing
excellent sales copy or hiring a copywriter to write it for you

** The higher you bid, the higher your placement.

** Bids start as low as $0.01 (for the smaller PPCs) or $0.05
(for Overture). Of course, if your keyword is competitive, your
actual minimum could be much higher.

** Many of the smaller ones will give you a free deposit to get
started. If you find them responsive, you can continue with them.
You will find many of the PPCs that pay you to advertise in the
free e-book here.

How to get more than 47,200 Targeted Hits for free


** Managing your bids to remain competitive and not spend more
than a cent of what your competitors are paying can take up ALL
your time, but you can find some Bid-management software and
resources here that will help.

** If your keyword is competitive, it can get VERY expensive to
sustain a PPC campaign.

** Your website must have useful content and good sales copy to
improve your CONVERSION rate, so that a large percentage of
your visitors become customers or join your program. If your site
doesn't CONVERT visitors, you're wasting your money.

Here are some resources to help you write better sales letters
and get more conversions.

** PPCs though targeted, are little more than ads and consumers
are smart enough to recognize that. Sooner or later as with all
things on the internet, they will get jaded and lose their importance.

But they are here to stay, because they provide an important
source of revenue for search engines. In fact, the bigger players,
like Overture, supply paid search results to other search engines
and are displayed at the top of the search results at Yahoo.

So I suggest you "make hay while the sun shines" and cash in
on the PPC wave.

About the Author:
Priya Shah is the CEO of eBrand360. Her areas of specialization
include internet marketing, search engine optimization and
business blogging.

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Best wishes for your online success!

Stan Smith

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