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In your ezine there should be a section where you refer your readers
to products and services that will cost them something. After all, if
everything in your ezine is free, how will you make money? Also, if
everything is free, the perceived value of your ezine will be less than
it ought to be.

This is your opportunity to profit by helping your readers find useful
information and resources that will grow their online businesses. You
can recommend products that you sell or affiliate programs from which you earn a commission. These recommedations could be about great sites, ezine resources, webmaster tools, ebooks, software, resources for an online business, computer tips, marketing help, and even self-help learning tools.

Below is a sampling of the recommendations that have appeared in our past issues of the "MOE" ezine.

> Want a formula for creating quick, easy "Speed Sales"?
If you don't know what "Speed Sales" are, visit the site
below and download the dirt cheap report there. It has a
simple formula for making big bucks in two weeks, without
having your own product. The author says, "Just follow the
steps and profit big and quick! The whole package is well
worth the price, and it's really dirt cheap!

> "Get a F.ree Adsense website each month." - I recently
received this offer and thought that you would like to see it
for yourself. You get your own business web site and the
marketing tools to promote it. And, each month you get a
new site designed to earn money from Google AdSense.
I don't focus on Adsense revenue, but if you do, go to:

> Looking for products to sell without it costing you an arm
and a leg? I just joined this membership site that promises
7 new products every week in addition to the 50 products
you get when you sign up. Membership started at $5 per
month; I just joined at $10 per month; and it's on it's way to
$30 per month as the membership grows. More info at:

> You can't get enough...of f.ree traffic. So, I suggest you
take a look at one of the best guides to improving your
traffic and rankings. It c.osts you nothing, but gives you
the newest information on social marketing strategies and
link building. Its packed with resources and tactics to get
traffic to your web site. A no-strings download at:

> Win $1,500 in prizes now! It only takes 57 seconds to join.
2008's biggest firesale goes live on November 18th, BUT
before then, you have a chance to win the complete firesale
package plus some other extra stuff worth $1,500 by going
to the site below and guessing the total value of the firesale
package! (Hint: it's over $5000). Even if you don't win, you
can't lose by checking out this firesale. Over 100 marketers
have agreed to put their ORIGINAL products, products
which they are still selling, into this enormous firesale.

> Probably no one knows the importance of list building
better than Ian Del Carmen. So, drawing on his years (and
secrets) of list building, Ian has developed a very profitable
resource to help you build your own profitable list . In his,
"Fireball List Building Course", you can discover: how to
start a list, how to use every list building method, and the
Do's and Don'ts for handling your list. But, he doesn't stop
there. He also shows you the best methods for
communicating with your list and profiting from it. Go to:

> Here's a great video marketing tool that anyone can use.
You don't need a video camera or even a "talking head".
Upload your images of products, logos, cover graphics,
screen shots, etc. Then choose your options and send to
YouTube or download to put on your web site. Use your
own MP3 file or choose from their selection. You can even
create a non-commercial, 30-second video cost-free. If you
sign up for an All-Access Pass, you will need this referral
code     "tuxjrmho"      (without the quotes).

> Got $7?  If so, you'll get access to some of the quickest
ways to develop profitable list building strategies.
Robert Puddy just released a handy new 15 page report
on how to turn visitors into subscribers and how to
monetize the normally free process of list building. His
report is called: "How To Write Your Own Lead Pulling
Squeeze Page". Robert will also give you the very 4
pre built pages he used to monetize his list building to
build a list of buyers.

> Want to post a classified ad for free? This site has
provided "high traffic, high response Free Classifieds
since 1999". Advertise anything you want. It's also a good
place to "shop" for internet marketing resources. Just look
in the "Business Opp" section. You can even join an
affiliate program and earn commissions on people who
upgrade. And, they also offer a script for you to put a
customized version of the classifieds section on your
site at no cost. It's worth a look:

> I need to follow Marlon Sanders' advice and become
more of a Promoter than a Consumer. However, I could
not resist joining this "Club". For a measly $10 per month,
I am receiving digital downloads of products that originally
cost 2 to 5 times my monthly fee. The August download
included 22 products! If you need products, this is a deal:

> Have you visited "MOE's Online Bookshelf"? You'll find
over 125 e-products there and new ones added monthly:

> I've added a new section to I named
it, "MOE's Online Bookshelf". You'll find 125+  e-products
there. Each is priced at a "bargain basement" price of $5.
Some are old and some are new. So, I'm sure you'll find
something you can use for $5. Each month, 2 more items
will be added to the "Bookshelf". Go to:

> You can help "Save Michelle's Wedding", and pick up
160 hot products at the same time for a dirt cheap price:

If you join as an JV Partner, you can earn 50% instant
commissions directly to your merchant account. And,
because you're my subscriber, I can share that link with
you as well. Use this code: bigweddingjv

> If you're looking for a "PDF Converter", you can search
the millions of pages and thousands of products on
Google, or you can sign up for a free online tool that will
create unlimited PDF documents. Although the use of this
tool is free, you are encouraged to donate something to
Dr. Mani's Children's Heart Foundation to help children with
congenital heart ailments. You can even earn a dollar per
referral for spreading the "word". Just format your link like
this: your Paypal email address
Here's a chance to give a little and get a little more:

> You've seen those TV Shows where people buy houses
for cheap, tear out a kitchen, bathroom and slap on some
paint and boom... Then they flip it for thousands in profits!
Well... you can do the same thing with websites too. To
learn how to outsource the website flipping business tasks
sign up for the Tuesday night, June 17th, webinar.

> As videos sweep through the internet, marketing videos
are growing ever more powerful. Look at these statistics
from Adweek and the Online Publishers Association:
12% of those viewing Marketing videos became buyers
(vs. .5% to 2.0% of those visiting Text web sites).
65% of those viewing video advertisements watch the
message to completion (vs. 20% of those reading Text).
Perhaps it's time to step up your marketing with "The
Secrets of Creating Web Videos That Sell".

> This offer is being promoted all over the Net, but don't
get it unless you're real serious about marketing online.
This isn't a $47 ebook offer. It's an investment and a hefty
one at that! You'll get a course with marketing methods
that really work, new site builder software, audio and
videos to help you with video marketing, and plenty of
bonuses. In fact, the affiliate below is offering loads of
additional bonuses if you order through his link at:

> Do you think there's money in the Music business? This
may be your chance to grab some of the action. This site
is offering a limited-time, discounted deal on popular
products and services related to the Music Business. It
includes: The Record Label Business Plan, Music
Business Contracts, The Musicians Upload Directory,
The 2 GIG Producer Sound Pack, and more...

> Adding good background music to your web site can be
expensive if you have to pay royalty fees. However, you do
have another choice. This site provides a download of 97
professional music tracks for one price, f.ree of future fees.
Use the Music for video projects like YouTube, Camtasia
presentations, web sites, home videos, DVD productions
for business, podcasts, school projects, mood music in
shops and restaurants, or any marketing event. Go to:

> I'm sure you're aware of the growing popularity of products
carrying Private Label Rights. Products sold with these
rights usually can be sold as your own creation, making it
a quick and easy way to get your own product online. If
you plan to cash in o.n this PLR phenomenon, you should
join Edmund Loh and Aurelius
Tjin have teamed up to share their secrets about making a
fortune from Private Label products. Right now you can get
lifetime Gold access to their site at no charge. Go to:

> Now that you know the basics of Viral Marketing, do you
want a free, push button Viral Marketing tool? This is a
very handy tool that quickly creates branded ebooks for
you, filled with your affiliate links. All you have to do is
simply choose one of the professionally created ebooks to
brand, fill in your affiliate links and press a button. Once
you try it, I think you'll find this tool to be a potent addition
to your marketing arsenal. Sign up at this site and get
Free access to the online tool.

> I've always hated to listen to someone reading to me.
You couldn't pay me to sit down and listen to an audio
book...that is until a frien.d convinced me to listen to one
about the Battle of Gettysburg. I was simply stunned by
the presentation. Now, I'm almost ashamed to admit that I
listen to more books than I read. I've joined the thousands
who have discovered audio books,and I love it! And, this
presents an opportunit.y for you. I've found this web site
that lists over 6000 titles which you can sell through their
affiliate program. Do you think the aging Baby Boomers
could be a market?   Basic membership is f.ree at:

> Giveaway marketing continues to surprise. The latest is
the addition of an entrance fee. I guess that makes it a
Giveaway that's not a giveaway! But, when you learn that
you can download 23 gifts for only $1.97; who cares what
it's called - especially when you find out that this is not the
same old kind of Giveaway. What makes this event so
different is that each and every gift is a Business In A Box.
Each gift includes a Product, Sales Page and Graphics.
It's everything you need to immediately begin making $$.
Plus, these are not products that you've already seen in
other Giveaway offers. Don't miss the special offer of 40
products for $17! The event starts 2/22/08; ends 3/2/08.

> If you get involved with giveaway marketing, then check
out this new software, The Giveaway Announcer. It's new
software that brings to the market a new set and forget
technology for marketing with autoresponders. It makes it
much easier for a contributor to manage and profit from all
the giveaway events. You can try the software for f.ree, but
I urge you get the Professional version, as I did. It's a new
way of listbuilding and promoting automatically.

> Anyone can succeed with email marketing if they have
the inside information. And, "Inside the List" will give you
that information. In this 110-page ebook, two successful
marketers show you the blueprint and tools they have
used to make thousands of dollars from their email lists.
Just look at some of the features of this ebook. It...
* Covers topics that appeal to beginner and advanced
* Has No rehashed information
* Is well laid-out and easy to navigate
* Reveals secrets that the experts won't even tell
* Uncovers f.ree methods of advertising
* Discloses advanced email m.arketing strategies
* Includes 8 great bonuses
* Has Lifetime Updates that include new Case-Studies
* Now includes two Supplementary guides
* And, declares that anyone can make money with this book

> Why not reach for real online success? Revolutionize the
way you do business by joining this web site with 50,000
members. It has hundreds of online resources to help your
business boom in record time! These are tools the online
gurus use every day! You'll get access to software, MP3s,
scripts, movies, ebooks, content, multimedia, templates,
niche materials and more. 50,000 members can't be wrong!
Join for free but upgrade as soon as you can.

> First there was Pay Per Click advertising which pays you on
the small percentage of website visitors that actually click on
the advertisement on your site. Now, there is "Pay Per Play"
advertising that will pay you on all of your web site traffic.
No clicks are necessary. You put a little code on your web
page which causes a 5-second commercial message to play.
When someone visits your page, the audio plays and you get
paid. This idea could become the next big advertising medium
because it plays to an audience larger than radio, TV and print
media combined! Plus, the big brand advertisers have a history
of spending millions on advertising. Learn more here:

> Depending on when you open this ezine, you may only
have a few hours to pick up a great deal on advertising. I
purchased unlimited advertising for $100, but you can get
$1000 of advertising for only $10. And, part of the sales
goes to help someone at Christmas. Take a look. The
offer ends at 11:59 PM, 12/11/07 - Tonight!

> Get this hosting package and you get 5 different services
to help you run an online business. Kaviraj Kodai, Director
of the Ultimate Marketing Center, will even allow you to have
room for 10 additional domains in the one account, unlimited
mailing lists, ezine publishing, and your own affiliate program
for just twenty bucks a month. Check out all the features at:

> You don't have to have a career as a copywriter to write
powerful copy. All you need is the "secret weapon" used
by one highly acclaimed copywriter. This breakthrough
technology automatically transforms dull, lifeless ads and
sales letters into hypnotic, power-packed, response driving
copy! To transform dull copy into copy that sells, go to:
> Have you visited "The World's Forum For eBusiness
Professionals"? This is an excellent forum for exchanging
information and getting tips and strategies from experts on
doing business online.

> Here's your chance to avoid paying those monthly bills
for an autoresponder, mailing list management, ad
tracking, a shopping cart, and a refer-a-friend system. This
marketer is offering an awesome software script bundle
and a huge selection of related bonuses for 78% off!

> When you're tired of reading, start listening. Michael Senoff
will give you 117 hours of audio interviews made with experts
on Sales, Marketing and Business success. His site is a
leading library of FREE digital business audios. Using the
power of personal interviews and storytelling, Michael has
captured guidance on such subjects as direct marketing,
business buying, writing, effective advertising, referral
marketing, negotiating, product development, marketing
consulting, and the art of getting free advertising.

> Steven Holdaway is a  certified Google advertising
professional .This is something I've never even heard
of before. These professionals are supposedly the
elite of the elite and there are less than 700 of them
in the world. Anyway, this guy wrote a book on
mastering google adwords called "Google Money Pro".
I bought it, read it and was amazed at how clear and
simple it was. He basically takes you by the hand and
SHOWS you everything. This man makes over $120,000
a month as an affiliate using google adwords for mere
pennies on the dollar. Check his system out here.

> There's an easier way to boost your online business to a
new level. This marketer just loves to help people create
easy-to-manage, high-profit, information product businesses.
If you’d like to make more from your online marketing,
take a look at this site:

> There's no shortage of "gurus" pitching to you about their
latest techno gizmos, ebooks and training programs. They,
of course, need to continually dream up new stuff to keep
you buying from them. However, I've found one guy that's
different. Although he's made his money developing
software, he still likes to coach and teach others how to
build their own successful internet-based business. Take
a look at his home study course at:

> Publishing articles to drive traffic to your sales pages or
affiliate links is a great marketing tool, but it's very time
consuming. Here's a site that offers some help in the form
of unique, niche blogging articles every month even for the
free, basic membership. Elite members also get a link
to their site in the Bio (Resource) box at the end of each
article posted by any free member recruited by the Elite
member. Elite members can also add affiliate links into
their articles.

> may look like a simple portal site, but it is
actually a doorway to one of the most extensive classified
listings on the Web. It has local ads and forums covering
hundreds of cities worldwide and receives millions of visitors
each month. And, you can add your posting for free!

> When joining affiliate programs, you are often asked for
your Social Security number (U.S. residents only) so that
the manager of the affiliate program can report your earnings
to the Internal Revenue Service for purposes of taxing your
earnings. For security reasons, you should use an Employer
Identification Number, not your Social Security number. An
"EIN" is easily obtained from the I.R.S. at this site:

> Ezine Publishing and Article Marketing are two of the best
approaches to online marketing. Of course, they both have
problems. With ezines, it's deliverability. With articles, it's
now duplication. It seems that the spiders for the search
engines are ignoring duplicated articles. So, if you would
like to turn your article, or one written for you, or a PLR
article into 100 different articles, get Article Multiplier (Full)
or try the Lite version for free and get 3 articles from 1:

> Smart marketers know that the big money lies in finding
what millions of people are looking for and then selling it  
to them. Denise Hall can help you find these "hot markets".
She has just released a new product called Niche-Blueprint.  
She shows you how to find the "hot" markets, how to find
what those markets want to buy, and how you can sell to
them. Her 2 ebooks and 5 videos literally take you by the
hand and walk you through the entire process! Find her at:

> Surprise your subscribers, prospects or members with
regular new Bonuses provided by this service for internet
marketers. As a Bonus Provider, you get to give away the
bonuses which, in most cases, include resell rights and at
least one PLR product each month. They add a new product
every week and change the selection every month.

> Because so much depends on the visual presentation of
your product, there are times when you should consult with
professionals who can create ecovers that sell. Recently, I
was referred to Yvonne Tagbo, a talented professional who
creates ecovers for $67. She also designs sales pages,
book covers, logos, and covers for CD's and DVD's.

> Want to build your online business the right way! This
"one-time only payment" membership gives you step-by-
step online video tutorials to teach you the tools for and
the answers to the everyday problems of working the web.
The videos are provided online in streaming Flash format,
so you should have broadband Internet access.

> PR6 web sites are ranked high in the search engines and
are usually spidered daily. A link on a PR6 site to your
site will cause the spiders to visit regulary, improving your
rankings in the search engines. Below is a PR6 site that
offers just such a link for a one-time fee of $75. If you want
to choose your own word for the link to your site, you pay
a surcharge of $25. The owners say that this site will be
up for 5 years, but limited to 100 links. Go see at:

> Today's is the last day you can pick up the Private Label
Rights and Source Code for Article Recon Pro for 50% off.
You will need this special coupon code which only works
with the URL below. Coupon Code = specialdealart

> Email marketing is a very cost-effective marketing medium
that gets fast results. However, it can seem to be confusing
and challenging. If you want some professional help, email
John Eberhard,, or call
him at 818-472-6725. He can create an email campaign for
you, select the right email lists, and set up a web site for
you to start building your own list. Check out his web site at: Also, read
about how you can make 100% commissions on sales of
the ebook, "Making Money with a Web Site" at:

> Butler New Media is launching a new service called  ULISTME for the Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur. For a small monthly fee, this service will bring together potential advertisers (you) and list owners (e.g. ezine publishers) to publish ads. Butler New Media will work with you and the list owner to reach a "payment" agreement that benefits both the advertiser and publisher. This agreement could be an ad swap, a JV, a special affiliate commission, CPA pricing or any agreement that completes the deal. Early sign-ups will receive a 50% reduction in the monthly fee.

> Writing an ebook is one thing. Selling it is another. When people start talking about books, you hear about the "best sellers" not the "best written". So, if you want to be a best seller of ebooks, contact Ellen Violette. She insists that she can help you explode your ebook sales!

> When I bought the web site in 2004, I
knew nothing about managing a website through an admin
panel, cPanel in my case. So, I did a lot of stumbling,
bumbling, fumbling and, yes, a lot of cussing. Today, there
is help for people new to cPanel in the form of 13 training
videos. They are available for a very reasonable price of $7:

> We hate them, but they make money and now you can't
block them. In 2 minutes or less you can add unblockable
opt-in, audio, or video popins to your web pages. The price
is a surprising $6.97 and there's a way to keep 100% of
the sales receipts when you sell this product.

> I can not remember how I came to this site, but I'm glad I
did. The site offers templates for OTO web pages that are
quite basic and not very diverse. Obviously, that's not why
I like the site. The BONUS, however, was of great interest.
It prevents people from right-clicking and copying your web  
page or graphics. And, here's the good part, it produces
your custom A.d or message when someone right-clicks
on your page. It's worth a look.

> Have you seen the sales letter for Desk Top Bucks?  
Do NOT sign up for an account there. Access to the site
will cost you $147 for one year's membership at that URL.
Instead, go to my link below and you can join without
paying a cent. The site is a "must have" resource for
anyone building a business online. Go to:

> Do your research! I recently received an offer to earn large
commissions by promoting a service to you. I felt uneasy
about it; so, I did some web surfing for more information.
That's when I found the "Rip Off" web site. I read a report
about the service and then declined to do the JV. Before
you act on any offer you receive, search this site to see
what others may think. You can even add your own report.

> I also recently received a solo ad promoting a service that
mails to members of After a little research,
I found information at Joolrod Services that thoroughly
discouraged me from trusting the solo ad. Joolrod reports
on Safelists and Blasters that send, or do not send,
members emails. Before using a safelist, check this site:

> Tell Adsense to take a hike! You spend all that time and
money getting traffic to your web site, then some, maybe
just a few, click on an ad and they're gone from your site.
You earn pennies! HavAds is code that you place on your
web site to create google-like ads which have your affiliate
links, leads to your products or to the products of your
advertisers. Now you can make dollars, not pennies. FMI:

> You should have heard about Dr. Jon Cohen by now.
The web ways are awash with emails tauting his new
ebook, "Get Google Ads Free". In a very short time, this
ebook has shot to the top of Clickbank. Dr. Cohen has
some very interesting ideas about marketing, affiliates
and his guide in this interview at:
And, you can pick up his ebook at:
It details how Dr. Cohen devised a way to place Google
pay-per-click ads and other paid-for advertising for free.

> As marketers, we're always looking for new and low-cost
ways to advertise. This firm specializes only in internet
marketing and advertising, and their advertising packages
are priced as low as $29. With any purchase, they will
submit your website to over 500,000 Search Engines,
Directories, Ad Networks, Award Sites, Links Pages,
Marketplaces, and High-Volume Web Sites.

> How do you build your mailing list? The author of this
report, "ListBlueprint", built a list of 25,000 names without
paying a cent for traffic. In his first week, he acquired 1500
email addresses using f.ree traffic to his squeeze page.
In his first month, he had 4,000 names and over $750 in
profit. You can learn how he did it for $9.97 at:

> Traffic to your web site is good, but traffic that converts
into paying customers is 100 times better. Last week I
found an excellent service to help you optimize your
conversion rates. It's offered by Eric Graham, a.k.a. "The
Conversion Doctor". If you have not heard of him, it may be
because he has kept a low profile for years, racking up
fortunes for himself and his clients. He has been very
successful in a variety of markets, many of which were far
removed from internet marketing. Eric is so confident that
he can help you improve your conversions, he promises:
“If you implement and test the changes I’m going to
recommend, and you don’t see a measurable improvement
in conversion rates, I’ll refund every dime AND I'LL GIVE
YOU $250 out of my own pocket, just for testing my suggestions.

> Did you know that the contact form on your web site is a
spammer's favorite place to harvest your email address?
With it the spammers can swamp you with all their junk
email. But, you can stop the harvesting with a new product
from Joel Comm. His software, "My Contact Station",
installs easily on you web site, solves the email harvesting
problem, reduces spam, increases traffic and helps to
build your mailing list. Best of all, it sells for only $7.

> Have you seen the battle of emails? Mike Filsaime is
selling his referral script, something like "Tell-A-Friend", for
$97. And, Paul Galloway, saying his original script is
superior, is selling his product for $97 and an advance
version for $197. We can only hope that the competition
will affect the pricing. You can read Paul's comments at:
And Mike Filsaime's at:

> I have just read Gary Baker's extraordinary and newly
updated ebook, "The No Cost List Building Report". It
gives you some unusual twists on ways to build a large,
subscriber list at no cost to you. I especially liked the idea
about using articles in a joint ventures with other ezine
publishers. Since your success online will depend upon
having a responsive email list, you should read about
Gary's practical and proven ideas:

> In 2005, Ralph Wilson authored the most comprehensive
book on email marketin.g on the market. Today it is just
as valuable as it was then. It fact, he still sells it on his
site for $27.00. This 875-page ebook covers it all -
publishing a newsletter, promotions, email formatting,
tracking a.ds, spam laws, email deliverability, and more.
He also includes "a directory of 250 e-mail marketing
programs and detailed vendor answers to 99 questions
about their software." You can get this book on his site for
$27 or receive it and his 11 other ebooks when you order
his newsletter and information service at:

> I just added this site to my virtual rolodex. The owner,
Heather Colman, creates covers for ebooks and comes
well recommended by jl scott, Director of iCop. In addition
to e-covers, Heather creates specialty images that include
banners, icons, awards, buttons and logos. She even does
photo touch-ups.

> Giants like Disney, Microsoft, Intel, and American
Express have sought the expertise of Jonathan Mizel, a
"master of targeted opt-in e-mail". Now, as a result of an
exclusive offer from AWeber Communications, Inc., you
can benefit from Jonathan's expertise for f.ree when you
order an Unlimited Follow-up Autoresponder from
AWeber. Jonathan's email secrets, revealed at his sequential autoresponse seminar in London, are in a two-part video
in the AWeber control panel.

> The Internet Radio market continues to expand rapidly
and may easily surpass 20 million listeners per week.
With this kind of market, Internet Radio could be a great
way for you or your product to get wide exposure. To learn
more, check out Kathleen Gage's directory of 100+
Internet radio shows.

> To find affiliate programs for physical products, visit
Kolimbo's Select merchants. These are Kolimbo's top
affiliate programs. They are carefully managed and have
active, responsive affiliate managers.

> Does your web site meet the basic requirements? Do
you know what should be on all your web pages? The
World Wide Consortium (W3C) can help answer these
questions and more with free-to-use tools like the MarkUp
Validator. This online tool checks your pages for correct
HTML, XHTML, SVG or MathML formats. The Link
Checker finds broken links and the CSS Validator
validates CSS stylesheets. Good resource!

> If you create, transmit or sell digital products, you
should be aware of The Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
You can read an overview of it here:

> Never pay for Hosting again. That's right. Pay only one
time, then you NEVER pay for your hosting again. This is
an amazing offer of a Lifetime hosting plan with 6 Gigs of
space at a very reasonable price. You can say "good-bye"
to those monthly fees at:

> As you may know, the LeadFactory list building service
experienced an unrecoverable loss on October 12th 2006,
which forced David Beroff to terminate the service. To fill
the void, Marty Foley is developing "Dollars In Your Inbox!"
This will be a new resource to help us build opt-in lists.
You can register for a f.ree Email Profits E-Course and
receive notice of the launch of "Dollars In Your Inbox" at:

> The key to online success is building a list of email
addresses to which you can sell your products. To get
some help building your list, get "Lucrative List Building".
It details how people with no experience are building huge,
highly profitable opt-in email lists from scratch. When you
buy the ebook, you'll also receive over $4,723 worth of
audio and digital downloads with RESALE RIGHTS!

> Put it on your desktop and forget searching through
spreadsheets, notebooks and post-it notes. Now you can
easily keep all your marketing information, research,
ezines and photos in one place. This database application
has been specifically designed for internet marketers by
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> When your new subscribers sign up for your ezine,
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> Interested in viral ebook marketing? Bob Hampton will give
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When you give the ebooks away, the give-away rights also
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> It's Christmas; so, 78 top Internet Marketers are giving
gifts. Mark Hendricks has once again assembled one of
the best giveaways of the year. His annual giveaway,
"12 Days of Christmas", is well underway and will
last until December 23rd. You can still pick up gifts that
were posted on Day 1 and even more gifts as we come
closer to Christmas.

> Do you want affiliates to sell your products without the
hassle of managing the program? If so, take a look at
PayDotCom. It's f.ree to join if you're only selling one
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> You can find every software you need to run a web site in
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When a new collection comes out, he buys it and adds it
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> Want your own ebook - one that is highly successful
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> Special Note:  Starting today and lasting for one week
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> Here's a good deal! You can get a reseller site, 5 new
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> If your website, email or newsletter copy isn't getting the
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> I just found a great site offering a copy of a viral website
script that has a built-in affiliate program, one-time offers
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Even if you're not your own webmaster, it still pays to know
something about basic web design. A great resource is a site
owned by Ben Hunt. He's designed and developed web sites
for over 10 years. Check out the sites he's re-designed.

Writing articles remains one of the best ways to get your
web site noticed. And, Information Exchange is a new article
directory that will help you do just that. If you're a publisher,
it's another source of fine content for your ezine or web site.
Because it's new, some categories do not yet have articles.

Need to know who's behind a domain name? At Whois, you
can look up the registration info for any top level domain name,
including top level country domain names. They even give you
the option of adding a button to your toolbar that enables you
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Where's the real money in online marketing? Successful
marketers would probably tell you that it's in the sale of
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Steve Johns has a deal for you. Get two high value products
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If you're an internet marketer, keep an eye on this site. It
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Looking for money making opportunities on the Web? To
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You can learn to write code by doing - or, more accurately,
by looking - at the source code of most any web site you visit.
You could use IE's "View-Source" feature to look at the HTML
code behind a web page, but you have to look at all the code
for the web page. To see the code of just a section of a page.
take a look at Instant Source.

I love this tool! If you are drafting a sales page or re-working
one of your web pages and need a color, go to this site.
By moving your cursor over a color "wheel", you instantly
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This from Denise Hall: get her f.ree report, Golden List Secrets,
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Joint venture marketing may be the most lucrative marketing
tactic ever devised on the Internet. One busines provides the
product, sales copy and delivery while a second business
provides advertising and product recommendation to a niche
market. To learn some astonishing strategies, devised and
used by Ambrose Ariagiegbe, check out his 57-page ebook,
"101 Advanced Little-known Joint Venture Ideas Exposed"

Here's an interesting site that offers a variety of software,
some for f.ree and more for a fee. It features over 20,000
downloads of discounted software, shareware, freeware and
trialware. The site is constantly updated.

For a good explanation of the "Do Not Email" laws passed
in Utah and Michigan, go to the site below. If the laws stand
against the legal challenges, your email campaigns could
be dramatically impacted.

Today Mike Filsaime launched "The Butterfly Marketing
Manuscript", but don't buy it from his site. Cody Moya has
ADDED his own bonuses - the mother of all bonuses which
includes a bonus of 13,200 opt-ins for the first 80 buyers.
Get Mike's offer and Cody's bonuses if you order through:

Dr. Mani is looking for a few good subscribers - people who
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This new list is f.ree to join and reflects a new emphasis on
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Looking for the best work at home opportunities? Dirk Wagner
of lists his top choices and updates them
every month at Team4Success. Just click on a program title
for the f.ree information. Also, take a look at his f.ree online
home business course.

How does a freelance writer, especially a newbie, know what
to charge for his/her work. Well, freelance journalists around
the world consult this London web site. A short search on
the Web should bring up comparable sites in the US.

Need help installing script on your web site? You can find
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Do you want to find out how one guy, by being a lazybone,
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It seems that bloggers have a new way to make mone.y.
Scoopt Words, an agency in the United Kingdom, connects
bloogers with media willing to pay for good blogging content.
Membership is free. A blogger simply registers and adds a
ScooptWords button on the blog. An editor, who wishes to
pick up contect, clicks this button to license the content
commercially and the blogger receives 75% of the sale.

Want to know where you can find f.ree tools and resources
to start an online business? Download this f.ree audio file of
the teleseminar I did with Ken Leonard Jr. In it, Ken tells you
what you'll need and where to find it for f.ree or at a low cost.
The file is rather large (50 M), but if you're on broadband
service, you will have no problem downloading it. If you are
on dial-up and have a problem, let me know. Be sure to get
this audio. It's full of great tips!

The prestigous International Council of Online Professionals
(of which I am a member) has published a great new product,
"The iCop Training Manual". It's real coaching for both new and
experienced marketers by true professionals. If you want to
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Some online multimedia pioneers are saying that HTML web
sites will go the way of the dinosaurs. Online Audio went to
online Video. Podcasting is evolving into Video Blogs. And,
audio e-books are being replaced by video e-books and DVD's.
Now, to attract visitors, build lists and boost sales you may
need the new audio and video technologies available at:

If you are a newcomer to today's web and want to start your
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How do I begin? Is there really any hope for the "little" guy?
Can I make any mone*y? Find the answers to these questions
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Just for visiting, you can receive a free Quick-Start kit that
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Starting June 15th, at 4pm PST Robert Imbriale begins a
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Is your competition out ranking you in the search engines?
SEO Detective can help you analyze your competitors' sites
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Today, Rebecca Hubbard of Hubbard Enterprises launched
her "It's Your Lucky Day!" package of 50+ products that come
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Need a unique Header for that new web site or a new sales
page? Scott Parat has designed a new header graphic called,
the "Torn Edge Header" that's an eye-catcher. These headers
look like torn pieces of paper,cardboard, cloth and brick. With
a graphics editor (included as a bonus), you simply edit, resize
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The "E-Zine Queen" just released her biggest and best (and
probably most expensive)  program for online marketers. It's
the 2006 "Online Success Blueprint-in-a-Box". In it Alexandria
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Are you thinking about adding a database to your web site?
If so, you may want to check out
For $19.95 a month, they can provide an instant site creation
service where you can create paid member sites, set up a
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Whether you're starting or expanding a business in 2006, you
can use these 17 gifts from Henry Gold. The f*ree Master
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This site offers access to over 11,000 recommended internet
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Computing & Internet, Business to Business, Home & Family,
Money & Employment, Health & Fitness, Society & Culture,
Fun & Entertainment, Sports & Recreation. There are products
here for any niche market - as references or as resale items.

"Blogging For Dollars" is a new product from the Internet
Marketing Center. After a year of research and nearly $80,000,
Derek Gehl says they now have a "bullet-proof system that
allows practically anyone to claim a #1 ranking in Google,
Yahoo!, MSN, and more!" Anyon*e can use this system with
f*ree blogging technology to drive loads of traffic to a web site.
For more information, read the Product Review at:
or go to the Sales Page located at:

All e-books are not created equal. Many, may be most, do
not make their creators wealthy. However, help is at hand in
"Create Best-Sellers" by Jimmy D. Brown and Ryan Deiss.
These best-selling authors will show you how to find ideas for
an e-book, how to write content that sells, how to increase
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Need help creating your e-book? Ellen Violette, owner of has started the "first and only ebook
writer's club". Members of the eBook Profit Secrets Writer's
Club will receive "ongoing support, feedback, accountability,
and access to tons of ebook-writing resources".

"The Ultimate Lead Generation Plan" by Matt Bacak
According to Warren Whitlock of
"Matt Bacak has taken tested, proven principles of direct
marketing, and distilled them into a simple system that you
can use to build a lead generation system that works for your
business or profession." Plus, all proceeds from this $14.95
book go to Habitat For Humanity and you get over 200 bonuses.

"Definitive Guide to Google AdWords"
by Perry Marshall & Bryan Todd
If you've tried to advertise using Google Adwords, you know
it's not easy for a beginner. Now Perry Marshall has made it
possible to beat the learning curve and "Get 70% or More
Visitors, for Less Money than You're Paying Right Now".
Before you start your next Google Adword campaign, I
suggest you apply Perry Marshall's advice.

"The Insider Secrets to E-mail Marketing -- Advanced Series"
from Derek Gehl at the Internet Marketing Center.
This 433-page, printable eBook shows you everything from
growing a super-responsive opt-in list as quickly as possible,
to generating the highest possible revenue from every e-mail
you send, to protecting your business from being wrongly
accused of spamming and knowing how to effectively deal
with it if you are… Great advice from a mega marketing firm.

"The Big Ezine Directory" - Price: Variable depending on term
from Ian Herculson is a monthly membership program that
gives you access to a database of 769 ezines. Search the
database to find the right ezines for your sales message.
Boost your sales with targeted, direct advertising to your niche.

"Products Master Resell Rights Package" - Price: $9.95
from Keith Wellman comes with 30 products for a variety of
niche markets. Some come with Resell Rights, some with
Master Resell Rights, and some with Private Label Rights.
If you're looking for product, the price makes it worth a look.

"The Digital Vault" - Price: $49.95
from John Stone protects your download page from software theft.
It works with ClickBank and PayPal, but your web host must be
using a Linux or Unix System. Digital Vault will not work on a
Windows Server. It protects your download page by giving an unique
download page to each customer. Thus, no one can send the
download page to a friend. I like that it will automatically check to
see if a customer's credit card has been authorized. And, I also like
that it captures a customer’s name and email address after
purchase for future "back end" marketing.

"eBook Profit Maker" -  Price: $29.99 - F*ree Chapter
David Hennebery's "9 step guide to e-Book Publishing, Marketing,
and Sales site" takes you step by step through the development
of an automated online ebook business. It covers every aspect of
the e-book publishing industry. You will not learn what to write, but
you will learn how to: find the right niche market, get a website set
up to take sales, sign up affiliates, and deliver the ebook. Here is
a list of the seven bonus items:
*Secrets Revealed of a Successful Online Marketer
*The Ultimate Joint Venture Software V3.0
*Screen Shoot-It
*Copyright basics
*Mini Site Creator Secrets
*Answers to 44 real life Merchant account Questions
*Safelist Information Book

Want to advertise in an ezine, but don't know where to best
invest your advertising dollar? The "Big Ezine Directory" lists
762 ezines in its searchable, online database. You can find
ezines for your niche that accept solo advertisements,
sponsorship ads, free ads, or article submissions. One
month's membership costs $14.05. 6 months for $65.95.

If you are promoting with articles, Article Marketer can speed
up the submission process. You can get an unlimited number
of articles submitted to 31,217 people on 69 article announcement
forums/groups, published on 74 targeted content web sites,
and listed in 27 article directories. Access for 3 months costs
$39, but a reduced level of service is available for free.

All of your online business education doesn't have to come
from e-books. Try Abebooks™. They claim to be "the world’s
largest online marketplace for books". Abebooks™ is a global
community of over 13,000 booksellers selling 70 million books.
In addition to new and used books, you can find rare and
out-of-print items and even used text books! Who knows,
you may find the raw material for your next e-book!

"You can sell anything on eBay." If you need help listing your
products, take a look at this service. The eBay certified group
of consultants have access to proprietay information from eBay
that can get you listed in 5-10 minutes. It may be all the help
you need, but it costs $9.95 per listing. So, take good notes!

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