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If you have a web site or publish an ezine, be sure to offer something for free to your subscribers. The Freebies below come from previous issues of "MOE" and change often.

If you missed the last issue of "MOE", you'll find it at:

> You can access our Archive of Freebie Tips at:

> Or, download free ebooks and software at:

> And, go here for Free Articles to publish in your ezine or online:

> F.ree online services just keep getting better and better.
Here's a f.ree URL shrinking service that lets you name
your link, save and edit it when you want. They, however,
could have taken more time in naming the website.

> Do you remember when the ebook "The Death Of
AdSense" was released? The entire Internet Marketing
community was arguing over what the book had to say.
Well, Scott has released a new ebook that may well be
even more controversial and profitable... for some. It's
called "The Quick And The Dead". It's f.ree and packed
with information about affiliate marketing.

> Can you keep up with the rapid evolution of web sites
and internet marketing? If not, pick up a f.ree subscription
to the "Website Magazine". It's gives you practical info on
managing websites, marketing online, SEO and web site
design. F.ree at:

> I just verified my connection speed to the internet and
checked how fast my web site loaded in several locations
around the world! You can do these checks for f.ree at:

> While surfing the Web, I stumbled across another f.ree
service for shortening URL's. It indexes your URL's and
tracks the clicks. The upgraded service ($5.95/mo) will
hide your targeted URL to protect affiliate links. It even
appears to carry a rare endorsement - by Donald Trump.

> Sometimes you get more than you paid for. Such is the
case with Lynn Terry's f.ree Webinars. You can join her
over-the-net broadcast every Tuesday at Noon EST for
handy tips on selling online. However, you must register
to receive the weekly login info to the f.ree Webinars.

> Don't let the filters trash your Solo a.d or Ezine. Test for
s.pam words with Ken Envoy's f.ree S.pam Check Service.
You'll get a report in seconds showing all the corrections
to make in order to avoid the junk folders. FMI, go to:

> If you are new to affiliate marketing, there is a great f.ree
video series where you can learn everything you need to
know at Emergency Affiliate Plans.

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